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Inbound Marketing: The next big thing!

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Hubspot has been in the news these past few weeks due to the $32 million investment of Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures and into the HubSpot company. Hubspot has been in the forefront of the inbound marketing trend. Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy where in a website/company gathers information about themselves, their product/services, and any other social news and information, optimizes them for search engines and finally share them via social networks (eg. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Social bookmarking), blogs, forums, etc to generate interest and leads which will also generate website traffic. Why is Inbound Marketing the latest trend in online marketing? The mere fact that Google (the company) itself has invested millions of dollars into a company that specializes with inbound marketing is reason enough to take notice. There is no doubt that inbound marketing produces good quality website traffic and leads. This only shows the growth of the market in giving importance to good unique content and creating value for users. In all of these latest development, early adopters of online marketing and inbound marketing like The Northern Office - Innovative Marketing Support, can rest on the fact that the market is becoming more mature and seeing the value in online marketing, SEO and social media strategies.

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