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How to Improve Online Marketing in 2011

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With the boom of Internet commercial activity,  Online marketing is now the ‘big thing’, in any marketing plan.  Any business would want to improve their online marketing performance - in particular enhancing your ROI and efficiency.  As the year 2010 ends, now is the perfect time to prepare for next year’s crucial marketing activities, and hopefully get better results.
Here are some tips to get you started:
1.  Start doing your online marketing plan, it would be better if you finish it before 2011 comes.
What to do:
*  First, you must be able to identify your target market.  Look at your existing customers.  You should be able to distinguish which customers are profitable, loyal to your products, easy to talk to with, give out good referrals and more.  You must look into who your products or services are really applicable to.
 You can not say that your product or service is for everyone, you must concentrate on those that really matter.
*Second, determine your goals. It must be SMART.  Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Realistic and Timely.
*Third,  Make a schedule for your day to day and 12 month plans.  Make sure that you follow it.
*Lastly, Make sure that your site’s content,social media channels and other online marketing efforts are uniformed.  Consider good and bad feedback.  Use them to improve your marketing efforts.
2. Ensure that your website’s content and information is relevant to your target market.What to do:
* Design your website according to your target market’s preferences.  Make it attractive to them.  Use the same ‘language’ they use.  Show different versions to  people with different languages. *Make your site fully functional via mobile phones etc.
3.  Make your site accessible to search engines.  You should have key phrases and Fast download speeds.
4.  Set up Website Analytics
What to do:
* Set goals so that later on you can check if you are meeting them and you would know how your progress is.
*  Integrate your site or set values to see your actual ROI for online activities.
5.  Be sure that your data is always organized.
What to do:
* Have all important data like your customers or prospects, proposals, sales, inquiries, campaigns, referrals in a spreadsheet so you can find and use it easily.
In the crowded and competitive environment of the online market, websites must stand out and reach the right audiences.
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