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Getting fresh ideas for your blogs or social media posts can often seem challenging, as it is difficult to continuously come up with fresh and important content. Content is not just about blocks of texts anymore, too much can affect your efforts to engage an audience. Here are some of the importance:

You’re in Control

Instead of being dependent on an external vendor, with a content management system, you are in control, with the ability to assign a task in your dashboard and to check progress at any time. It puts you in the driving seat when it comes to this important business tool. As people’s attention span continues to shorten, you have to think visually and consider using powerful images and a great layout to attract and connect with your target audience.


Helps you Manage Content

With a content management system, you have the ability to make a change in your dashboard and automatically propagate the entire site. For some businesses, content management is not just about publishing contents but also being able to remove it when it’s already out of date. A content management system is simple as unpublishing the content so that customers continue to have a good experience of the site.


Streamlines Scheduling

A decent content management system will give you a glance view of the status of all content, whether it’s live, a draft or being reviewed. It doesn’t just apply to blog posts but to product pages and other website pages. It is easy to integrate a planned content with your marketing plan so that everyone knows what’s happening to your website.


Improves Site Maintenance

Search engine prioritizes newer content, it’s better if your website has an update once in a while. A content management system helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily find your information. Content management system automatically scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices, and other smaller browser windows. You can update your site from anywhere with an internet connection.


The Northern Office has experienced content creators that create and develop striking website content with the end vision of converting leads into consumers/customers. We make use of infographics, photos, or videos to keep your readers entertained and engaged.

The Northern Office has proven excellence when it comes to developing and maintaining quality content that attracts and earns the trust of site visitors. Let us help you improve your website and its content. Call us now!

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Who is your target audience? What are your goals? What action do you want to project? Your posts should encourage discussions, a desire to share, retweet or bookmark.

Regardless if you have a small business or a multinational company, blogging is essential to your content marketing strategy. Here are the reasons why you need blogs for your content management:


Drives Traffic to Your Website

How can you drive traffic to your website? Make the blog on your website the foundation of all your social media accounts. You could post links where there are relevant visuals of your blog articles to your social media platforms. Post inbound links directly to your blog articles to drive traffic to specific landing pages of your website.


Improves Your Website’s SEO

Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ queries. When you optimize your website, including your blog posts, you’re making your website more visible to people who are entering keywords that is associated with your products/services. Blog content also helps you have traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.


It Establishes Authority

The best business blogs answer their customers and leads’ common questions. A well-written article demonstrates your company as an industry pioneer. Your customers additionally gain benefit from the learning you provide to them. You need to tie the impact of your blog, because at the end of the day, that’s what mostly of your blog posts are.


Develop and Strengthen Customer Relationships

By connecting directly to your website, your clients are capable to know your business or product. Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. Blogging is a good way to build trust with your target audience through the quality of your content that they find very relevant. An active comment section can be able to follow the visitors’ responses to your posts, and you will be able to respond to them directly to their comments.


Worry not because The Northern Office is here. Our company does content management that could increase search engine visibility through keyword focus in text-based presentation. Our team can provide you unique and interesting content that can positively attract visitors and engage readers.

We can help you build a website with great content that will increase your traffic and get more customers. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now.


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Step up with that business of yours! Make sure you have a website, social media accounts and you can cater what your clients want. Let us assist you with what you need for online marketing, The Northern Office based in the Philippines offers:

Outsourced web designing

The Northern office has a team of professional web developers that can make a website that fits your business. If you already have one, we can redesign it and turn it into the website that your company needs. We do not just design and code, we also make sure that it has good content so more people can see it as Google ranks it up. We have content writers that utilize SEO strategies.

Outsourced programming

Need a program? No, you do not need to hire a full-time programmer just for a short time project. Contact The Northern Office instead, we have highly trained programmers that can do the program that your company needs. We make sure we understand your business first before doing the program so that we do not make any error and make sure that your program is done on time.

Outsourced social media marketing

There are a lot of social media platforms today, a few are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you are a business owner and you manage all your social media accounts, how will you focus on other aspects of your business? Let us handle your social media marketing. If you do not have any social media accounts, no worries, we have social media experts who will make them for you.

White label services

If you also have a digital marketing company and you have a lot of projects to do, do not rush into hiring full-time employees. Because The Northern Office is here to do white label services for you. With white labeling, you will reduce your cost, save time, get more profit and have a team of experts in the field that you need. Need a programmer? Just white label, call us! Need a web developer? White label is the solution, contact us!

We have been working with different clients for about 13 years, contact us today and be our partner! 

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The Benefits of White Label Services for Digital Marketing Agencies

The Benefits of White Label Services for Digital Marketing Agencies

Do you have a digital marketing company and you need more web developers? Do you want a team that can handle your clients’ projects well? No need to start hiring new individuals, hire a team through white label services.

The Northern Office offers white label web development, SEO, programming and social media. Our team consists of highly trained web developers, content writers, programmers and social media managers that work with professionalism. We do quality work and we beat the deadlines!

Here are the benefits of white label services for digital marketing companies:

Reduced costs & time saved

Instead of hiring a full-time employee to do the job, you can get a team of experts with white label services. Also, with white label services, you hire the team only when you need them to do something. So why pay a salary monthly to a full-time employee when you only need the skills to finish a few projects? The projects will also be finished faster because you get a team with individuals that are highly trained to do the job.


If you will look for a new employee, considering the time and effort to be spent on the hiring process, you are not even sure if the person you hire can do the job. But with white label services, you are sure that it is their expertise. They have portfolios of work done. They specialize in a specific field because of their experiences and the projects they have done.

More services, more clients, more profit

You do not need to spend time on focusing on developing one or two services because you can avail white label services and choose from many options. Your client wants a program done but you do not have a programmer, no problem, just white label. Your client wants all the content on the website rewritten but you do not have an SEO expert, don’t panic, just white label! With more projects done, you get more clients, more services to offer and you get more profit.

Dive into white label services!

The Northern Office Innovative Marketing has successful white label partnerships and we will be very happy if you will be our next partner. We do web development, SEO, programming and social media.

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Outsourced Marketing Team in Philippines

Looking for an outsourcing team that can handle the tasks that you want to be done well? The Northern Office (TNO) in the Philippines got your back. We can do social media marketing to email campaigns, website designing to system coding.

Outsourced Social Media Marketing  

Need to manage your social media pages? No worries, out staff can handle them for you, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest. They can market your products or services online and reach more people, get more engagements and conversions. Social media marketing is something we can do for you.

Outsourced Email Campaign

No time to send EDMs? TNO in the Philippines is here for you. We can handle your newsletter and send out campaigns. Our team has been using a proven strategy for email marketing campaigns.  Though social media is rampant, email campaigns are still very essential today; because most people are already logged on their phones to see their emails. So reaching to them through this is important to keep in touch with your customers.

Outsourced Programming

Do you need something to be done in your system? Or maybe you need a system for your business. You do not need to get up and exhaust yourself in hiring and looking for someone to do it. No need to spend too much time, money and energy to look for someone to do it. Outsourced programming is the key! Our team in the Philippines can do programming for you. Programming has been something we have been doing for our clients for many years now.

Outsourced Web Design

A website for your company? We can do that for you. We can redesign your existing website or build a website for you if your company does not have one yet. We have building websites for different types of clients for years. The key in what we do is that we understand their business first, listen to our clients, suggest the designs that we think what is best for the type of business and collaborate with our clients. That is the way to successful online portals we have been building.

Outsourced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We do more than just building or designing a website. We can also write the content for you. We utilize search engine optimization strategies to make sure that your website gets traffic and ranks up in Google. Our staff are well trained for the job.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend too much energy and money to hire a person to do it in your office. You can outsource! And we are the outsourced marketing team for you.

Call us today.

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