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Friday, 26 January 2018 17:40

Now that you have your own business, it is time for the people to know that it is there. It is the time for your target market to see what you have to offer to them. Do not just settle for those people who will pass by your store. Why settle for less when you know that you can let the globe know about it?

Here’s how:

Have your own website

Put that website up, place all your products and services there. Make sure your store details are also there so people can contact you and visit your store, too. But the most important thing is make sure your website is user-friendly whereas people can easily see what they want to buy and they can check out easily.

How will you have a website like that? Don’t worry, The Northern Office (TNO) can do it for you. We have professional web developers and designers that can put up the web site that you want and your business need. Our web developers will collaborate with you; they will listen to you and make it even better. Our developers and designers follow a process in making web sites that is tested and proven through out the years.

Good content

Do not just stop with the design and user-friendly environment. Make sure you also have good content which will make your website a search engine optimized site. Have your description and blogs written well so that it will rank up in Google search. SEO is the key.

Our people here at TNO will not just create a website for you, we will also put good content in your website. If you have a previous site that you wish for us to redesign, we will also rewrite the content and make sure SEO is being done.

Social Media Management

Almost everyone has a social media account. There’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and many more. These are the best places where you can establish your brand. Put up a Facebook page and post your products and services, create a Twitter account and tweet your offer, post all those pictures on Instagram and engage with your audience.

But then, there are so many social media platforms, if you as the business owner will do this, you will spend all your time on social media. Here’s the good news, TNO can do social media management for you! We have experts on social media management that manage all your accounts on social media. They will post and tweet for you; letting the target know about your brand.

Have that increase of sales in no time. Call us and let’s talk about your business!


Thursday, 04 January 2018 14:07

Your business needs a website and your page needs some managing, there are many companies out there with different designs and what they have to offer but what are the things that you should consider when it comes to choosing the right company?

Here are the things you should look for when choosing a company that will do your website designing and your social media management:


A website and a social media page is a collaborative work, you tell them what you want, and their team has something for you, too. Then, your ideas come together and come up with even better things for your website and for your social media pages. You tell them the design that you want, and they tell you the design that you need.


Yes, they know how to create a website for you, but can they do the responsive design? The website that they will design for you respond depending on the platform and screen size of the user.


The company you should choose should not just give you web designers, but a team; which means there are web designers, social media managers, marketing managers and graphic designers. If they give you a team, that is guaranteed that your website is really going somewhere. It’s not just going to stay there, unvisited. Because they have people who know SEO and how the content should go, your website and your social media page is going to the right path.


The company you should look for should have worked with different people and clients; in that way, you will know that they have made different kinds of websites and managed different social media pages. Usually, you can see this one in their portfolio.


This simply means that they keep it up with the latest trend when it comes to designing and catching the attention the target market. Technology has a fast pace, so if the company is keeping up with it, they definitely know how to do the job for you.

Hey here’s the good news!

There is a company that possess all of these things! It’s the Northern Office (also known as TNO). Our team here at TNO listen to clients and refine each suggestion and idea that ends up with better results. Our employees are experts in their fields – and yes, our web designers are well versed with responsive design.

Partnering with us means you are going to have your own team, you need a web designer? A virtual marketing assistant? A social media manager? A programmer? Or a graphic artist? TNO has the team for you.

You can also check our portfolio in our website, so you can see whom we have been working with.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today.

Monday, 18 December 2017 17:15

Outsourcing and software developmentThe advancement of technology has widened the place for business, systems and websites are being developed to reach more market. Thus, outsourced programming or software development has become a thing and has a lot of advantages such as low costs, faster and efficient. But do you know that there are five steps in outsourcing? Here they are:

1. Know what you need and want

Before proceeding in looking for a team to do the programming for you, you need to know first what your company needs. Does it need a website? An inventory system? An account management system? After knowing what you need, time for what you want. hat design do you want? Do you have suggested platforms? Although most likely, your programmers will know already what to use, you might want to discuss a few things with them.

2. Know your budget

You cannot go to war without your weapons. Same with business, you cannot hire people to do things for you if you do not have the capacity to give them the payment. But here's the good news, with outsourcing it is already considered a fact that you will spend less rather than hiring an in house developer. IF you are going to look for an in house developer, you will have to spend time and money in hiring and training. But if you go for outsourced programming, in just a call, you got a team to do software development for you.

3. Know your developers

Get to know your outsourced software developers means getting to know us, our team at The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO). Check our website or give us a call today so we can start talking about your software and website. Be partners with us.

Contact us now.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 17:15

Outsourcing Software DevelopmentLooking for ways to do things inexpensive but faster and more productive?  Well then, it’s about time to consider outsourced programming or outsourced software development.  Since technologies had emerged, it has allowed people to work more collaboratively even at a distance.

But when do you really outsource?

When you have operational tasks that prevent you from focusing on your business strategy. If you want a new system or redesign the website for your business, you will need to hire developers. And that will take your time to screen individual candidates and then spend money for training and other costs. Instead of focusing on your business strategy, there you are interviewing your prospects. But if you will outsource, it just takes a call and you have a team of developers. Outsourcing software development will allow you to get a hold of a new system or website without disrupting the operations in your business.

You have specialized work that your developers are not skilled in. Okay, let’s say you have developers of your own. But there comes this project that you want to do and they do not know how to do it. Where do you go? To outsourced programming, of course. Well, your developer cannot do it so your choice is to outsource.

But where do you look for outsourced programming or outsourced software development?

We are here for you. The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO) has a team of developers and programmers with proven development practices. You can stay focused on other endeavors of your business while we handle your website or system for you. With the right partner, you will get all the support that you need – we TNO will give it to you.

Whether it be developing with an unfamiliar programming langue, website redesigning,  or creating a new software for your company, just give us a call and we have the team for you.

Contact us today!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 15:02

Who do you go to? TNO!Wait, what’s TNO? But first, let’s talk about how your business is doing. Do you get new customers? How’s sales? Is your profit increasing? Will you settle for what you have now or are you aiming for something bigger?

No owner would like its business to go down the drain or stay stagnant. Every owner would like to see the business flourish over time. Who do you go to for assistance? To the top marketing company of course!

That is why TNO - The Northern Office is here for you!

The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO) is a privately owned digital marketing consultancy and sales process consultancy based in the Philippines. We have clients in the country and across the globe.

What can TNO do for you?

Outsourced Marketing

Need a marketing team? TNO is here. Need a virtual marketing assistant? TNO has it for you. Save more time and money while earning more by being partners with us.  Our staff are trained to do effective campaigns for your business - whether it be an email campaign, an online ad or a campaign for your website. TNO will have the marketing strategy that will suit your business.

If you also want to join in the trend in social media, we have social media experts that can do the job for you. With the growing community online, having Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and a lot more, it is hard to manage all of these platforms at once. That is why, an outsourced social media manager is the answer. Let TNO’s social media experts do the marketing for you and you can  spend your time to other matters that you need to attend to.

Outsourced SEO

Let your website be known to all. Have it placed on the top listings of Google. Search Engine Optimization is one of the things we do at TNO. We make sure that your website’s content has the right keywords so that you have a good placement in Google searches.

Let the people know more about your brand through SEO. Let the TNO workforce assist you out with that!

Outsourced Design

Logos, banners or graphics for your website? We got your back! Our team in TNO can design graphics that is relevant to your content and will grab the audience’s attention. Thus, giving your site more visitors.

We do not only stop there, TNO’s team can also design your newsletter and brochures! We have competent professionals who will accomplish all of these for you and your business.

Outsourced Programming

TNO has developers that can create your website, or improve the existing one. Our developers will work you with regards on how you want your website to look and what you want to put in it. Our developers will make sure that your page elements and your interface is user-friendly that will increase traffic and generate leads.

Your website is your image online that is why it is important for it to have the correct content that will give you a better placement in searches; TNO’s workforce can take care of what’s there to improve on your website.

Why TNO?

The Northern Office Innovative Marketing has been successfully helping its clients for 13 years. We have established systems and good marketing strategies that work for our clients -- and these will work for your business. 

Our staff are trained to do the work for you. Let TNO assist you and see your sales flourish as your business expands. 

Call us today!

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