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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 13:31

E for Embrace E-commerceTechnology has broadened the paths for businesses to reach their target market. Various applications such as emails, websites and other social media platforms has risen and are now tools used for business. E-commerce has become a thing.  

Now, why should you put up with the trend and do business activities online? Why should you embrace e-commerce?

To attract new customers. Grow your business and gain new customers online. Not all people will pass by your physical shop -- but the internet is there, almost everywhere. Studies shows that 3.77 billion people use the internet, so putting your business online would really attract many new customers. Just make sure you have the right strategies for doing the business online.

Build your brand. Flag that name of yours online and tell them about it. Boost your brand awareness and establish a good image online. As you launch your website and other social media pages for your business, put relevant and good content so that search engines will notice and boost your sites in the list arrangement. That’s one of the things e-commerce can do for you.

Engage in social media. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? Then, there’s Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you choose to join in e-commerce, then try engaging in social media where you can post or tweet about the products or services of your business. Then you can participate in forums where people will know about your business and check out your website.

Tap purchase decision. Going in for e-commerce will influence more people with their purchase decision. Presently, before people will buy something, they usually look it up online first. That is why you should have your own website and social media pages put up. Then, goal to be on the top of the listings and that will give a good impact to the purchase decision of your target market.

Propel sales. Letting more people know about your business online will increase your market. E-commerce has allowed you to reach more people, thus, giving your business, the possibility of more customers and we know that more customers equals to more sales.

Do not just settle for what you have now, aim high. E-commerce is a tool for your business to grow. Set up everything online and let them know about what you offer. Need any help with your website and social media pages management? The Northern Office is here for you. Be partners with us and see your business flourish!

Monday, 23 October 2017 09:47

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more! The online community in social media just keeps on growing. Each platform is different with various users, whatever the size of your business is, you won’t have all the time to manage all of those social networks. One platform already consumes almost all your time, what more if you will try to manage all these networks?

So why manage all when you can outsource social media management to certified experts?

With outsourcing your social media management you can:

  1. Save money and time. Having someone else create, upload and manage your content on social media networks carries out efficiency and productivity. Compared to hiring an employee to do this for you who will require salary, benefits and other costs -- outsourcing and going to a social marketing company is the better choice because they already know what to do and have the right person to do social media marketing for you. This will allow you to utilize your time in more profitable endeavors of your business.
  2. Increase posting speed. If you are going to push through outsourced social media marketing, your publishing and response rate will not be compromised because you have someone doing the job for you. Your company will have the ability to publish at a faster rate which in return will get more likes, shares, comments, and retweets. With that, your brand and your message will be communicated to more people in less time.
  3. Have tested and proven systems. A social media marketing company has knowledgeable and trained staff to get the job done. Along with that is a process that will fit your business – a process that is monitored, tested and being developed continually to make sure that best efforts are being executed for your effective marketing campaign on the social media networks.

Social media experts do not just have the best social media campaigns, but they also develop a strategy tailored to your business goals. They will support and integrate social media efforts to your marketing plan for better results. With outsourced social media management, social media tasks will be done quicker compared to doing it on your own or hiring and training a new employee.

Enjoy the perks and outsource social media marketing!

Friday, 20 October 2017 13:44

virtual marketing assistantGood marketing designs strategies to promote the products and services heading to reach your goal of hitting sales targets. With technology, marketing has widened its scope and reach. Digital marketing has allowed companies to open their doors to billions of internet users. The challenge is how to reach out these markets.

Some business owners think that a physical marketing assistant will do the job better than a virtual marketing assistant. But to get the facts straight, having physical assistant will take up more time and energy than a virtual one.

Here’s why you should hire a virtual marketing assistant.


Less hassle, more productivity

If you would hire a physical assistant, you have to spend time on interviewing, hiring and training. Not only that, it will also consume your time to find the right person, because your physical assistant should match your personality so you can have them around all day.

On the contrary, outsourcing a virtual marketing assistant will save you from all those hassle because the company where they belong to will be the one to do all the hiring and training. So when they get to you online, they already know what to do. Thus, saving you from all the hassle and doing all the job that needs to be done in no time.

Less money spent, more sales

Since you are hiring an outsourced marketing assistant, you don’t have to think about the office space and put another person on your payroll. You do not also need to buy new computers or telephones. Hiring an outsourced marketing assistant will not also require you to pay additional taxes, benefits and other expenses of hiring a physical assistant. It saves your money plus it will increase your sales because a virtual marketing assistant has direct knowledge and vast experience in running digital marketing campaigns. He or she can manage and implement a digital marketing campaign even during the company’s off hours.

So what are you waiting for? Recruit an outsourced marketing assistant in your team and keep your business at pace with the competition.

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