Facebook Marketing for Business

Facebook is one of the best avenues to market your business and build brand awareness at a very low cost. We can help you utilize Facebook on building and promoting your business.

We Make Your Facebook Target Audience Come to You

Facebook’s interactive features let you connect to your audience. We can make use of the status bar to announce events, product launches, and any other crucial company news that your consumers must know. To further engage your customers, we create polls, contests, and give special offers.

You don’t need to go to your audience each time you use Facebook. Your audience comes to you, which is rather effective. An updated account seen by a good large portion of your consumers daily in their news feeds positively affects your marketing efforts. With the help of Facebook, you remain in sight and in mind.

The Northern Office Free Social Media Appraisal

We Turn Likes Into Sales

Likes are no use unless you convert them into leads for your business. If you have 500 fans but do not generate traffic to your website, it means that your efforts are not paying off. It’s not size that matters, it’s how you use it.

Our Facebook marketing experts can customize your pages to make it visually appealing. We create bold, striking welcome pages, like pages and subscription pages, share links to landing pages, promote offers, plan and launch viral Facebook campaigns to create product and service awareness.

We have tools to measure your facebook marketing campaigns and the traffic rate it gives your website. The Northern Office ensures transparency through periodic reports and analysis together with actionable recommendations.

We encourage you to work on other aspects of your business and entrust us with the work we do best at.

We can help you reach your target market, drive traffic to your website, improve customer relationships, achieve brand awareness and boost your sales through Facebook marketing. Call us now at (0)45 499 1082 for a talk about Facebook marketing!