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The first question is ‘why do you need to outsource?’ followed by ‘when do you need to outsource?’ By answering those questions, you will have the answer if outsourcing is necessary for your business.


Here are a few points to consider about the raised questions:

You should focus on your business.

As a business owner, you will focus on your business strategy and increasing sales. So what happens if you will be needing to do administrative work? Or maintain all your social accounts? Or if you want to redesign your website, will you hire a new bunch of IT people? That will take time. So, instead of focusing on how to increase your profit and work on your business strategy, you are bombarded with operational tasks.

That is when outsourcing comes in, if you outsource, you do not need to spend a lot of time in finding the people who will handle your social media accounts or design your website. You do not need to buy new equipment or make space in your office for newly hired people. Because with outsourcing, you get to have your own team immediately and you get to discuss things with them online. No need to worry about benefits and other expenses about hiring new people.

Not everybody in your company can do everything.

If you have a work that your employees are not skilled in, what do you do? Hire new people again? Think about the expenses. Plus, you are not yet sure if they can actually pull off what you want to happen. It will take time to train them about your business, so if you want to get something done immediately, I guess outsourcing is the best answer for you.

Why? Because if you do outsourcing, you are sure that the people you are getting are good at what they do. You can see reviews, testimonials or portfolios on their websites. And they have been doing that for years. So, no, you do not need to hire people that will eat up your time to get something done. Get a good company that has the best teams to do it for you. Looking for a good company, The Northern Office in the Philippines is here for you.

Less expenses!

Yes, you got that right. Since you will not be hiring anyone to stay in your office, it’s a lot affordable than you thought. No benefits for employees to pay for. No buying of new tables or computers.

If you outsource, you do not just get one person, a good company will give you a team! And The Northern Office in the Philippines will give you the team that you need.  

Now, the question is who do I go to for outsourcing?

The Northern Office, based in the Philippines, is here for you. From a virtual assistant, a social media manager and to web developers, we have the perfect team for you. We have been working with different companies for more than 13 years. We do social media marketing to email campaigns. We can also design a website for you or create the system that your business needs.

Contact us now and let’s about your business.


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We are looking for a recent graduated Graphic Designer that has both the design skill set and the business skill set that is essential to this position. The person we are looking for must be able to make this article look good and:

• Use Adobe Creative Suite - primarily and Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

• Create Graphics - Apply your deep understanding of typography, illustration, vector art and layout when working on design projects.

• Interpret the client brief – that is listen to clients and effectively interpret their requirements as outlined in creative briefs and translate them into compelling visual designs.

• Learn quickly and follow design briefs and brand style guides which means that you will have excellent verbal and written English and phone skills.

• Move design theory into design reality. Here we need you to combine design theory and take into consideration content, structure, and usability issues to create powerful and high impact designs.

• Work with client to explain design concepts and manage design feedback.

• Be creative – sounds obvious but we do not need copycats. We need original designers.

• Work with Client design and marketing staff - Collaborate with the client’s staff to ensure your designs are consistent with client expectations and overall project goals.

• Work within project schedules and meet deadlines.

• Create large format, print-ready files for production

• Able to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines


Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Starting up companies could be easy, or hard. No one person can tell you the exact route to take for your venture. What I can say is this: a few simple rules can make your life a lot less stressful!

Most startup hopefuls know what the three things that lead startup companies to success – an idea, people, and giving the customers what they want.

Ideas. Paul Graham of Harvard University mentioned, “In particular, you don't need a brilliant idea to start a startup around. The way a startup makes money is to offer people better technology than they have now. But what people have now is often so bad that it doesn't take brilliance to do better.”* Ideas are there to kick start what you want to do, to address what is lacking. That is how you can attract customers. Making them feel that they need you. They need your products. Your company’s existence is essential.”

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 14:19

People are used with traditional marketing. Those good old stuff that has proven success in acquiring their target markets by sending post mails, advertising through newspapers, televisions, radio and bill boards – this method has been really a hit with customers.

However, traditional form of marketing is too costly – surveys has to be conducted just for a specific market in a certain location, advertisements on traditional media such as newspapers and televisions are pricey.

But advances in technology makes our world pretty easy. One notable contribution is the internet. Internet helps us to do things that we were not able to do before – sending electronic messages, social virtualisation, doing research, finding meaning of a certain word in an instant, conducting surveys online, and so much more.

Business owners find the online world not just for personal gains, but they also view the online world as a new avenue for marketing. According to The Statistics Portal, there are about 3.5 billion internet users worldwide. Meaning, more people are gearing up towards the internet to do their things. Thus, this gives businesses a chance to gain customers not only within their location, but worldwide.

And with the trend today, businesses as wells as must definitely grab the chance to go online. During this fast-paced days, people prefer hassle-free transactions. They go online for transactions, for online shopping, going to their favorite website to see what they can buy or if that business has what they want without the need to go to the malls, endure slow traffic, and pollution.

But online websites are not enough as people are going social, VIRTUALLY.

With the rise of social media, people also find a way to connect with long-distance friends, share photos, make video calls with their relatives abroad, chat with other people at no cost.

According to article in Forbes, “Marketers will (finally) recognise social media as a channel, not a strategy. Social media isn’t marketing, and it doesn’t work as a “strategy” on its own—something that seems to have finally sunk into the collective marketing consciousness. Social media is one platform of many, a tactic that does a great job of supporting broad campaigns but flounders by itself. This distinction will shape marketing strategies and budgetary considerations in 2016.”

Proving the statement true, Facebook, which has 1.71 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2016, gives businesses a chance to make a page and promote their business for free. Using Twitter for business is also an advantage. People are always on the go, and having a 140-character promotional statement could help you reach those kind of people, and even make your company trend. You can also use Instagram to post those perfectly shot photos of your business as well as advertise your business. Thus, helping to make your business a success.

The Northern Office Innovative Marketing can help you with your marketing needs – from building a website, maintaining it, to research and handling of social media.

We can provide you data research, making calls to invite customers engage in your products. We can create content that would suit your website and social media needs that can draw more customers and encourage them to buy your products. We can provide you seamless photos with our graphic designer’s expertise. We can also do web designing and development so that you can build your presence online. We got the great team, working passionately, competitive, with immeasurable expertise, willing to serve you and give what you need.

We can give you only the best business marketing strategy. So step out of your traditional norms, take a chance. Tell us how you want it, we got it, just in time that you need it.



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Online audiences will no longer require to sign into Twitter to take a glimpse at the latest news from around the world after Google feature more Twitter content in their search results from the first half of the year.

Another social media milestone is about to be passed as Twitter have finally confirmed its new deal that will see Google indexing tweets in real time.

With their new partnership, more tweets will be integrated in Google’s real time search for trending topics. This will ensure online followers will have greater access to news as it happens, wherever they are thereby boosting Twitter’s new and improved logged out experience.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated:

“We’ve got the opportunity now to drive a lot of attention to and aggregate eyeballs, if you will, to these logged out experiences, topics and events that we plan on delivering on the front page of Twitter. And that’s one of the reasons this makes a lot more sense for us now”.

Meanwhile, Google can also glean information from the millions of tweets they will crawl and post on their search results. As a ‘real time/real place’ source of up to date news and information, Google is eyeing all Twitter data that can help them identify important content for display outside of Twitter.

How Could this Affect Your Business?

Does your business operate a Twitter account? If your social media posts were usually only seen by your regular followers, there is now a chance for you to grab the attention of Google visitors who are ‘on the look’ for trending news and topics.

So now as you continue to share new content on Twitter, Google is now also on the hunt for relevant news and information that is worth sharing with its audience. 

What should be on your checklist?


Responsiveness is something we’ve built in to sites for years, so is integration of SM!

Again, TNO’s holistic marketing policy is proven to be in tandem with Google’s long-term efforts at placing the best sites at the top of the results page.

Contact us today and learn how we can handle the most critical parts of your social media marketing and deliver improved ranking results...


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The Northern Office is a young, dynamic marketing company serving companies in the Philippines and overseas.  Due to new contracts being awarded to us we need to grow our web development team.

Working with our web development team you will be assisting with the design, construction and maintenance of a variety of PHP based websites.  This junior position will have the opportunity to advance to team leader position within 6-8 months

A working knowledge of HTML5, CSS and CMS programs (Joomla, WordPress etc.) is required.

Applicant needs to be a group player yet confident to take on new challenges

The Northern Office is an equal opportunities employer and a signatory of the Philippines Integrity Initiative Anti-Corruption Program

*Applicants should be willing to assign in Clark, Pampanga


APPLY NOW! Send you resume at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +63 (0)45 499-1082 for more details.


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Clark, Philippines, November 2014: Asia-based sales and online marketing agency, The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO) recently launched a new website for Optrimax International that will feature Best World Lifestyle (BWL)’s range of health and wellness products. The primary objectives of the site are to promote the range and to assist local market distributors.

The new website can be found at and it allows consumers and costumers to review comprehensive information about the different products that the company offers.  The website will also introduce their products to targeted regional distributors who will drive the distribution and availability across the country in order to reach a wider customer base.

In conjunction with the dynamic local Optrimax team, TNO conceptualized and built the 5+ page business website with full e-Commerce capability and social media integration thereby allowing ordering and interaction between the company and its various commercial partners and consumers ensuring a constant flow of high quality information across all its communication channels/platforms.

The website also features a dedicated page for customers’ testimonials which provides reputation management for the client and increases customers’ confidence when purchasing their products.

According to John Joe Morgan, COO of The Northern Office, the website they built for Optrimax International features, for the first time, its new user-friendly interface that showcases the company’s innovative skill when it comes to design and functionality.

“We always want to make sure that we are listening to what our clients need most, and for Optrimax, we included an online storefront that allows shoppers to buy products either via a mobile device or desktop computer. We also assisted the client to set up online payments through the major credit/debit cards and selected remittance channels that will make their sales transactions easier”.

He added, “We have been doing this for almost a decade and I think one of the keys to our success in this kind of business is not only to introduce new technology to clients but to help them understand how to get the most out of it”.

The website also optimizes the customers’ viewing experience on multiple internet-enabled devices through its responsive design.

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Importance of grammar in marketing and life!


Importance of grammar in marketing and life!


Again, many thanks to XCKD.COM