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Getting fresh ideas for your blogs or social media posts can often seem challenging, as it is difficult to continuously come up with fresh and important content. Content is not just about blocks of texts anymore, too much can affect your efforts to engage an audience. Here are some of the importance:

You’re in Control

Instead of being dependent on an external vendor, with a content management system, you are in control, with the ability to assign a task in your dashboard and to check progress at any time. It puts you in the driving seat when it comes to this important business tool. As people’s attention span continues to shorten, you have to think visually and consider using powerful images and a great layout to attract and connect with your target audience.


Helps you Manage Content

With a content management system, you have the ability to make a change in your dashboard and automatically propagate the entire site. For some businesses, content management is not just about publishing contents but also being able to remove it when it’s already out of date. A content management system is simple as unpublishing the content so that customers continue to have a good experience of the site.


Streamlines Scheduling

A decent content management system will give you a glance view of the status of all content, whether it’s live, a draft or being reviewed. It doesn’t just apply to blog posts but to product pages and other website pages. It is easy to integrate a planned content with your marketing plan so that everyone knows what’s happening to your website.


Improves Site Maintenance

Search engine prioritizes newer content, it’s better if your website has an update once in a while. A content management system helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily find your information. Content management system automatically scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices, and other smaller browser windows. You can update your site from anywhere with an internet connection.


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Friday, 06 July 2018 14:27

Why Blogging is Important

Who is your target audience? What are your goals? What action do you want to project? Your posts should encourage discussions, a desire to share, retweet or bookmark.

Regardless if you have a small business or a multinational company, blogging is essential to your content marketing strategy. Here are the reasons why you need blogs for your content management:


Drives Traffic to Your Website

How can you drive traffic to your website? Make the blog on your website the foundation of all your social media accounts. You could post links where there are relevant visuals of your blog articles to your social media platforms. Post inbound links directly to your blog articles to drive traffic to specific landing pages of your website.


Improves Your Website’s SEO

Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ queries. When you optimize your website, including your blog posts, you’re making your website more visible to people who are entering keywords that is associated with your products/services. Blog content also helps you have traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.


It Establishes Authority

The best business blogs answer their customers and leads’ common questions. A well-written article demonstrates your company as an industry pioneer. Your customers additionally gain benefit from the learning you provide to them. You need to tie the impact of your blog, because at the end of the day, that’s what mostly of your blog posts are.


Develop and Strengthen Customer Relationships

By connecting directly to your website, your clients are capable to know your business or product. Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. Blogging is a good way to build trust with your target audience through the quality of your content that they find very relevant. An active comment section can be able to follow the visitors’ responses to your posts, and you will be able to respond to them directly to their comments.


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Content remains king when it comes to websites. With appropriate and up-to-date content on your site, you will increase traffic and improve your company reputation with site visitors and the search engines.

Each and every article you have written should have its own contribution to make about your brand or company. You are not only writing for the sake of having something to post on your blog site or newsfeed, but your time and effort should always lead to an ultimate goal and that is to convert your regular readers or followers into regular customers.

Creating SEO-friendly blogs can be a little bit tricky, but these tips can help you find more ways on how to turn your blogs into something exceptional to readers.

Draw Up a Plan

Blogs are stories that lead your audience to a target destination. If you do not set a clear path on where you want to take your readers, your article will lose value. Asking yourself these questions can help give more merit to your article:

  • What are you writing about?
  • Do you have specific audience in mind?
  • How can your readers benefit from this article?

You should know how to choose topics that appeal to their interests. Find reliable sources that can help you discover the most read topics, why it is so and how you can create unique content out of these topics.  

SEO Tip: With a wide array of free web and social media tools, there is no reason for you to play the guessing game about the most talked about topics on the internet.

Want an easy way to find out? Google Insights is a web-based tool can help you get the most searched terms at a specific point or period in time. Google is undeniably the most popular search engine of this generation and it won’t hurt if you will take advantage of their available metric tools.

Be a Generous Blogger, not a Miser

You are not a blogger just by name. You are sitting there for a purpose and that is to share, so be generous with your content and ideas.

Now that you have a clear set of objectives, it is time to get the job done. Think of your blog as a platform to let your brand or company communicate with its target audience. Since readers trust you on this area, you should talk with expertise and never leave any unanswered questions. You are writing to help them understand not to leave any mystery unresolved.

SEO Tip: Creating creative content should always start with the title. Readers won’t look anywhere but the title whenever they are deciding if to read an article. And for serious SEO talk, do you know that your title is amongst the first things that Google consider when indexing a page or deciding whether your site is eligible to appear at a higher rank?

Now, that is a big reward for reading our article right?

Find the Exciting Pieces of your Craft

Your blog also needs exciting bits that can get readers attention from the start to the end of the article. Find more relevant ideas that can perk up a normal flow of content and do not just share exciting content but make sure that it is also useful.

SEO Tip: Search engines generally assume that a blog post that has a few more links to it has more authority than one that has not. Links to previous blogs can also add excitement/interest for readers because they get more information as they go through the article.

Just don’t overdo it because Google may also penalize you for going overboard.

Spread the Wealth!

Ending up with a well-written blog is a treasure for bloggers. Once your blog is ready, it is time to share the good news with as many readers as you can!

The fruit of your labor deserves recognition and this one can be done more easily with the right social media channels.

SEO Tip: In order to maximize your blog exposure online, be sure to apply tags to your post. Tags provide a useful way to group related posts together and for web users to easily determine what your content is all about. As a rule of thumb for bloggers, five to 10 tags are a good number to let your blog be a candidate for higher Google ranking.


To revisit an earlier sentiment, content remains king. But in order to remain in the throne, you should come up with quality content that attracts and earns the trust of site visitors. If you still cannot find the perfect formula on how to achieve this, we can help you!

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