A Real Life Approach to Business Marketing

The key to our approach is our belief that we need to understand our clients' business.

We are not the experts, the client is, but we bring formidable experience along with a versatile skill-set, a well resourced and successful agency and a full range of marketing tools to apply to ensuring that the client gets what the client needs.

The key step is the creation of the comprehensive marketing plan. We make sure we understand what we are marketing, to whom and against what opposition. We assimilate all that information and insight so that only the most appropriate and effective marketing strategies are devised and executed.

The Northern Office utilizes creative, original and effective marketing activities to get you the exposure you need so that you can build your business, your brand and your reputation. We create and execute marketing programmes that optimize the content and delivery of the key messages that drive your business.

To effectively communicate with customers is the single most important issue for any business or organization.

Focus your resources and communicate with the right audience

In line with our philosophy, we move through the following stages: 

The first is to design & build the online presence of your brand, product or service. 

We provide the messages and communication strategy by which to project and support that presence in the market place. 

And finally, we execute that strategy whilst constantly monitoring all activities for their effectiveness. 

It’s a process we describe as:

Create …. Develop …. Leverage

Simply illustrated, you design a website, you populate it with your products and offers and then activate it to commercialize. 

For have a closer look at the full range of products and activities that we provide.

Wherever you start and end in this process is up to you but we recommend that for full impact you need us along for the whole marketing journey!