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When it is time for you to outsource, you do not want to make the wrong decision in choosing an outsourcing company for you. So here are the tips of how to choose the right outsourcing company for you.

The company should meet your goals.

Cleary state what you want to happen, tell them your goals for your company. For your partnership to work, the outsourcing company should understand what you do. With that, collaboration will work and you are on your way to meet your goals.

Check their portfolio.

This should be seen on the outsourcing company’s website. They should have their portfolio with the list of their clients and all. With this, you will be able to assess the work that they have done. You will be able to know what type of clients they had and what type of work the outsourcing company had done for them. You will know if it is the right outsourcing company for you also if they can do the job for you.

Know their processes

It does not just end there after you look at their portfolio and list of clients. Ask more. Ask what they can what they can do for you, ask how they can make your company better with their processes. Probe, if their processes will work for your company.

The right company for you is right here all along!

The Northern Office (TNO) is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that can do the job for you. We have been working with our clients for 13 years now and we can do from outsourced programming, outsourced email marketing, outsourced social media management and outsourced search engine optimization strategies.

Our company’s belief is that we need to understand our clients’ business and we bring a full range of marketing tools to apply and ensure that our clients get what they need for their company.

Need outsourced programming? We have a team of experts for you. They will collaborate with you as you discuss to them what you want to happen and they will suggest what you need for your business. You do not need to hire new employees just to get your system done. Outsourced programming is the answer, and we can do it for you.

No time for your email campaigns and social media management? Do not worry. You can focus on different strategies to increase your profit and we can handle all your social media accounts. Outsourced email marketing and social media management is wise decision. No need to spend time to hire a new person to do it, no need to spend on new equipment for the new employee. Why do that when you can outsource your email marketing and social media management with us?

TNO also does website designing and we can rewrite or create new content for you for utilize search engine optimization strategies.

Save time, money and effort while you increase your sales with us; from outsourced programming to outsourced email marketing and social media management.

Contact us today.

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