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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 10:04

Choose the right outsourcing company for you!

When it is time for you to outsource, you do not want to make the wrong decision in choosing an outsourcing company for you. So here are the tips of how to choose the right outsourcing company for you.

The company should meet your goals.

Cleary state what you want to happen, tell them your goals for your company. For your partnership to work, the outsourcing company should understand what you do. With that, collaboration will work and you are on your way to meet your goals.

Check their portfolio.

This should be seen on the outsourcing company’s website. They should have their portfolio with the list of their clients and all. With this, you will be able to assess the work that they have done. You will be able to know what type of clients they had and what type of work the outsourcing company had done for them. You will know if it is the right outsourcing company for you also if they can do the job for you.

Know their processes

It does not just end there after you look at their portfolio and list of clients. Ask more. Ask what they can what they can do for you, ask how they can make your company better with their processes. Probe, if their processes will work for your company.

The right company for you is right here all along!

The Northern Office (TNO) is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that can do the job for you. We have been working with our clients for 13 years now and we can do from outsourced programming, outsourced email marketing, outsourced social media management and outsourced search engine optimization strategies.

Our company’s belief is that we need to understand our clients’ business and we bring a full range of marketing tools to apply and ensure that our clients get what they need for their company.

Need outsourced programming? We have a team of experts for you. They will collaborate with you as you discuss to them what you want to happen and they will suggest what you need for your business. You do not need to hire new employees just to get your system done. Outsourced programming is the answer, and we can do it for you.

No time for your email campaigns and social media management? Do not worry. You can focus on different strategies to increase your profit and we can handle all your social media accounts. Outsourced email marketing and social media management is wise decision. No need to spend time to hire a new person to do it, no need to spend on new equipment for the new employee. Why do that when you can outsource your email marketing and social media management with us?

TNO also does website designing and we can rewrite or create new content for you for utilize search engine optimization strategies.

Save time, money and effort while you increase your sales with us; from outsourced programming to outsourced email marketing and social media management.

Contact us today.

Friday, 02 March 2018 09:47

Email MarketingDigital marketing has evolved when social media came into the picture, so a question has risen: “is email marketing still important?”

Though many platforms are existing for digital marketing, the answer is yes. Yes, email marketing or email campaigns are still important. Here are the reasons why:


A person cannot create a social media account without an email, so yes, emails are still a thing today. Also, applications for email are available on smartphones, thus notifying them to read their email. When it comes to business too, emails are being used to transfer information. Business man talk via mail! So there are a lot of engagements in emails.


An email campaign keeps you in contact with your audience. Whether they be new market or previous customers. Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed and updated about your products or services.


Once you sent out your email campaign, everyone in the list will receive it real time. You advertised directly to a target market. Unlike social media, not everyone you want to advertise to will see it. But do not get us wrong, social media marketing is also an efficient strategy. It’s just that email marketing allows targeted messaging to the target market.


Social media is not the only way to increase your brand awareness. Email campaign is also a way, just think of it, having a customer’s email address mean they showed interest in your business. That is why they subscribed and left their email address so you can send them updates about your products or services.


An email is a personal message, comparing it to an ad that is on Facebook. Also you can create the right message for the right audience. You can address your audience as a whole but still manage to make it sound personal. Use an approach in the correct fashion, give seasonal offers or give a discount to a customer who is celebrating a birthday.

But what if as a business owner, you are busy focusing on increasing your profit?

Too busy to customize emails?

Too busy to send out?

No worries, The Northern Office is here. Our company does digital marketing which includes email marketing and social media marketing. Our team can customize your emails for you, create newsletter and send them out to the market.

Our employees are trained and have used strategies that have been proven effective. So what are you waiting for? Call us now. 

Monday, 26 February 2018 11:38

The first question is ‘why do you need to outsource?’ followed by ‘when do you need to outsource?’ By answering those questions, you will have the answer if outsourcing is necessary for your business.


Here are a few points to consider about the raised questions:

You should focus on your business.

As a business owner, you will focus on your business strategy and increasing sales. So what happens if you will be needing to do administrative work? Or maintain all your social accounts? Or if you want to redesign your website, will you hire a new bunch of IT people? That will take time. So, instead of focusing on how to increase your profit and work on your business strategy, you are bombarded with operational tasks.

That is when outsourcing comes in, if you outsource, you do not need to spend a lot of time in finding the people who will handle your social media accounts or design your website. You do not need to buy new equipment or make space in your office for newly hired people. Because with outsourcing, you get to have your own team immediately and you get to discuss things with them online. No need to worry about benefits and other expenses about hiring new people.

Not everybody in your company can do everything.

If you have a work that your employees are not skilled in, what do you do? Hire new people again? Think about the expenses. Plus, you are not yet sure if they can actually pull off what you want to happen. It will take time to train them about your business, so if you want to get something done immediately, I guess outsourcing is the best answer for you.

Why? Because if you do outsourcing, you are sure that the people you are getting are good at what they do. You can see reviews, testimonials or portfolios on their websites. And they have been doing that for years. So, no, you do not need to hire people that will eat up your time to get something done. Get a good company that has the best teams to do it for you. Looking for a good company, The Northern Office in the Philippines is here for you.

Less expenses!

Yes, you got that right. Since you will not be hiring anyone to stay in your office, it’s a lot affordable than you thought. No benefits for employees to pay for. No buying of new tables or computers.

If you outsource, you do not just get one person, a good company will give you a team! And The Northern Office in the Philippines will give you the team that you need.  

Now, the question is who do I go to for outsourcing?

The Northern Office, based in the Philippines, is here for you. From a virtual assistant, a social media manager and to web developers, we have the perfect team for you. We have been working with different companies for more than 13 years. We do social media marketing to email campaigns. We can also design a website for you or create the system that your business needs.

Contact us now and let’s about your business.


Thursday, 15 February 2018 15:19

Why-Social-MediaThe real question is why social media for marketing? Simply, because not everyone will walk on the street where your shop is located and will see it. There’s a big population of your target market out there using social media who will not just pass by your shop but will visit it once you started social media management.

Here why you should start marketing in social media:

Almost everyone has a social media account

In 2017, studies show that 71% of internet users are social media users; there are 2.46 billion people who have social media account. With that number, don’t you think social media is a good place to find your target market?

There are different social media platforms

Start making a Facebook page, a Twitter and Instagram account. There is LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, too. Yes, there are lots social media platforms and we know it is hard to manage all of them at one time. You are the business owner, so be the boss and let us do the social media management for you.

Here at The Northern Office, we have social media experts that can create these pages and accounts for you. Our experts will not just create, but they will also manage it for you; of course, you also have access to every account so you can see the progress itself.

Ads in social media allow targeting

Yes, ads in social media are customizable. You can target users using location, interests or age. And our social media managers are skilled enough to know who to target for every ad they will put up in your accounts. These people whom they will target are most likely to become solid leads and sales!

Generate traffic for your website

While posting about your products or services on social media, your website link will be included in each post, tweet or photo. So letting people know that you have a website. It’s not just a social media page, there is also a website, people! Click on the link and see what we offer. It’s a matter of convincing them to go and see your website, and that is what our social media people are good at.

Build Brand Loyalty

Research says that most people are looking for a social media account if they hear a brand that is new to their ears, and earns the customers’ trust once they have seen a social media page. Plus, with social media, you can interact with your customers more. You can see their reviews about your products or services, and they can send you in a message directly if they want to ask something. Thus, your brand gains loyal customers because you can interact with them.

Your competitors are doing it.

Yes, the other brands are doing it, too. So do not just sit there and watch them increase their sales. What you should do is have your own social media accounts and have a team to manage it.

You heard that right, it’s a team. No, you don’t need to hire people right now, that’ll take time and a lot of processes. We can get you a team of social media experts right away, we have them here at The Northern Office!

Call us now and let’s talk about your business.

Monday, 05 February 2018 11:09

SEO is the key to a higher rank. Not only that, it will also generate more website traffic. If your website will utilize search engine optimization techniques, search engines like Google will put your website in a higher rank and more people will see it.

So when a customer types into Google a keyword that is related to your business, your website will be in the page results in a higher rank —  more chances of customer to see it.

Here are a few tips for SEO:


Search the terms and phrases that are most searched and are related to your business. Use these terms when writing your content, such as blogs or product descriptions. There are different software found on the internet for you to use and research what are the most searched phrases which will fit your business the most.

Then, do not only put the keywords in your blogs or descriptions, make sure they are also on the title. Put the keywords on the header and URL, too. It will help the search engine know what the page is about, giving it a higher rank.


It’s not all about you and your business, it is also about your competition. Do research, so sit down in front of your computer and use “private browsing”. If you are using Chrome, it is ‘Incognito’, in Internet explorer it’s ‘InPrivate’ and ‘Private’ for Safari and FireFox.

Now that you are using private browsing, type in something about your business and see the top 10 results. Check their content, look at what you are missing in your website and create better content!

Write Good Content

Do not just make something up and put the keywords. Come up with something interesting, something that people will check in Google, then write it with the keywords.

Don’t also forget to make your website user-friendly. So when your site ranks up and people will check it, they will not have a hard item to navigate it and check out more what’s on your website.

Want to have good content and a user-friendly website? You got us. Here at The Northern Office, our web designers will know what design that fits your business. We will not only give you a good website, but also content. If you have existing content, we can re-write them for you and utilize SEO techniques.

Contact us. Partner up with us and see your business flourish.

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