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Killer Content Marketing Techniques

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Capturing an audience is to stand out from all the clutter in the World Wide Web. Effective content marketing is a major key in capturing people’s attention. It helps you earn a distinctive brand, a loyal fan base and increase in sales.

Good content marketing is the single best way to beat bigger competitors online that do not require a big budget to succeed. Content Marketing used to be about customer magazines and mailed newsletters. Now it spans to blog, email newsletters, eBooks, white papers, articles, videos and more. Below are a few content marketing techniques that you can apply to your business to get the online visibility you need.


The first three important steps towards creating killer content are as follows:

Tone and Style. Prior to writing your web content, your brand needs to have a defined voice to prevent inconsistencies in the future.

Picking Content Creators. Choose the right person to create you content so you have to pick diligently.

Workflow. Having a well-staffed company to take part in researching, writing and publishing is better than the ‘one person does everything’ workflow. Allowing a number of heads to take part in the process helps you catch mistakes and bring more ideas for a better output.


Create persuasive content. Take precaution on how you speak and what you say.

Use Simple Language. Studies show that most people respond best to advertisements that contain no scientific language. Keep your words plain and simple.

Have Opinions. Brand that have opinions are seen to be interesting. Be bold and popular but remember not be hostile towards your competitors. Refrain from mentioning names.

Sell the Benefits. Informing your audience about the benefits of your products or services helps your audience makes purchase decisions. Focus content on the benefits rather than promoting the product directly. Using ‘benefit-focused’ copy quickly tells the reader what’s in it for them.


It is important to remember that people want to hear answers and discover something new. In simpler words, think and give what your audience wants.

Give Answers. Remember that most people surf the web to look for answers. Content marketing has to offer practical advice that people can benefit from.

Say or Do Something New. Stay away from the boring and unoriginal content. Do something new or present existing topic in a new way. Don’t settle for block of texts. Use images, create infographics or shoot a video.


Draw your audience by giving your content more personality. Captivate by telling stories and characters to draw them in and leave them wanting more.

Tell a story. Base on a number of studies conducted at Swinburne University of Technology, telling stories can be useful in corporate communication. It is a great way to connect with your readers.

Use Real People. To be able to bring people close to your brands, use real people. Let your audience see your employees by using pictures, audio and video. People choose to get involved with a company with which they feel a personal connection.

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