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Some things you should probably know before you enter into MARKETING

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What is Marketing?, Marketing is often considered as something that you do to generate revenue. It involves creating new products and spreading information about that product to your potential customers. It deals about selling maintaining that good relationship that you have with them which benefits both the customer and the marketer. But most of all its all about making money. Some say that marketing is EASY- that is you could instantly make a sale, but in reality IT’S NOT. Marketing involves a lot of work. As they say “patience is a virtue”, well you would have to agree with that specially if you are a marketer. Work hard and you get better results. Here are some tips to help you along the way: · Remember, You can not always please everyone, so be ready for anything that could happen. Learn to keep in touch with your clients it might make things better. · Be ready to mingle around with people that you might not like, but when you are a marketer you have to keep and get new clients even if you have to fake a smile or so sometimes. · Make sure that you like the people you work with, this is very important, how do you expect to come up with good output at work if you cannot even discuss details about your marketing plan with your colleagues. Misunderstandings happen but when you are working with people that you are comfortable with, you can freely share your ideas. You marketing is not for you if you do not know how to deal with different kinds of people everyday. Also, a little humor does not hurt, Laugh and go with the flow. · In Marketing it does not really matter how good you were in school, what matters is that you have what it takes to make your customers happy. · Having a background in Marketing would be great only if you knew how to apply it in the market. You could be the king of kings when it comes to knowing every technical thing in Marketing, but know this, you WILL make a mistake, and when you do, dust yourself off and learn from it. · Change is fast and inevitable. You have to always be in tune with what’s new and what’s innovative! but make sure not to jump on everything too quick. Think first! Research and be creative. Having a complete marketing plan is the key to be able to generate revenue and to develop a working two-way communication between you and your target market. · Finally, Do not market anything that you do not like! Try out and get to know the products of your clients. If you know how good the product is then you could market it easily.
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