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Thursday, 07 March 2013 15:51

Seven Website Design Rules

Website Design Rules


While a good content strategy is very important in audience engagement, we shouldn't neglect the necessity of design. Elements like the layout, content, font, colors and positioning also contribute to how your visitors will make decisions. If you’re planning to have your website redesigned, this article can help you make better and effective design decisions.

Below are seven design rules for building effective websites:

). Keep it simple. Cliché but it is the golden rule of every design. A cluttered look simply won’t work.  Don’t overpower your website’s essential information with too much information. Just make the important ones visible.

2). Easy Navigation is a must. The idea is to make it easy for your visitors to find their way around your site. Online visitors’ patience is short. If they don’t like what they see or if they can’t find what they like to see, they leave. A good website design should always present a way to keep online visitors on the site.

3). Be consistent. Consistency shouldn't only involve content but also design. Don’t confuse your visitors by having one part of the page work differently to another. Consistency will always make navigation easier for your visitors.

4). Don’t neglect the power of colors. Colors contribute a huge impression on your website.  Picking the wrong combination can either weaken your website's visual impact or hurt your visitors’ eyes. It is best to get professional help in choosing the right and consistent color palettes.

5). Pay attention to heat maps. Heat maps are color coded indicator of a website’s “hot areas” or parts where the visitors’ eyes or attention usually lands. Heat maps help you determine the strongest and weakest part of your page. Taking advantage of the hot areas of the heat maps can improve your site’s usability and visibility.

6). Be keen with details. Visitors should have a good impression on your website. A well designed website also means having good quality elements—graphics, photos , CTA’s, fonts used, media and content. Always give your visitors a reason to trust your website.

7).  Make sure it’s error free.  Always check for errors. Good coding will always make navigation and loading easier. Always make sure that your coding is SEO optimized and content is keyword rich.

Clean, easy and concise describes a good website design.

The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing Support has created clever website design strategies for different companies within Asia and Europe.  For  inquiries on website design or re-design services, call at  (632) 499-1082 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.';document.getElementById('cloakef259bd8a4990260d55c27ddc8342373').innerHTML += ''+addy_textef259bd8a4990260d55c27ddc8342373+'<\/a>'; for a free consultation. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 15:01

How Design Drives Your Website

How Design Drives Your WebsiteDesign has already evolved since marketers have paid special attention to it. Now, successful ad campaigns, products and companies owe their triumph to the best executed designs they have made or been popular for. In this blog, we’ll look at how design can bring success to your website and from The Northern Office’s viewpoint - that we make web designs that can set you apart from the competition. Let’s look at Apple products. MacBooks look different from other laptops. They look different, and work different as well, that is how they excel. A great design makes products more useful, expectation was over-delivered and lastly, satisfaction guaranteed. Now in web design, there are a few things that we would like to share with you to have users get awed from your website and then viral marketing takes place. Here’s how a GREAT web design works for you: 1.       Get more visits, get more clicks A well-designed website attracts a lot of visitors, and sooner or later, the site visitors will become your customers. More clicks on the right spot on your website means you’re getting what you want, the popularity you’ve always been dreaming of. 2.       Get more inquiries and sign-ups A recently launched website don’t really allot more marketing budget because it was just almost spent. And automatically, companies design loops to their existing contacts to retain connection and soon earn more referrals. One user will walk through your website page by page and will sign up because they found all the information they have been looking for. 3.       Get more sales Let your users experience the product. Your design must give them the total “look and feel” experience. Your website must entice your visitors and make them buy your product/services without even thinking twice. As for the marketing services, you’ll have to design your content to be able to sell all types of service. In today’s design-minded culture your product/service can be easily disrupted or ignored without well-thought design. A well-designed website will bring in fascinating results not only in clicks and visits, but overall in ranking. So be thoughtful, test your assumptions and execute your concepts, then design just works and is at the heart of the product There is no web development job too complicated with The Northern Office. We work closely with our clients to figure out the appropriate theme, look and feel of our clients’ websites that will surely attract target audience. For more information on effective marketing campaign strategy, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (045) 499-1082 today. Posted by John Joe Morgan

Monday, 21 January 2013 10:14

Six Steps to Begin Your Content Marketing Right

begin your content marketingContent marketing is considered as the “brand-new” marketing approach that has the power to strongly enhance consumer engagement. Valuable and compelling content drives the web, and creating such content is the best way to achieve successful marketing. However, creating the right marketing content can get a little challenging and tricky to execute. In this article, we will help you come up with ideas on how to begin or improve your content marketing. We assume that before reading this you already have an idea of what content marketing actually does for your business. Read on these steps and remember not to skip any of them… Step  #1: Identify your marketing goals. The planning stage always begins with determining where you are or where you want your business to be. Classifying where your business lies will help you figure out how adept you are to produce content and what actions you should take to improve. Step #2: It shouldn’t be always about you. Effective content marketing is not about proposing an immediate sales pitch. People seek for valuable information that solves a problem and not brands who only talk about how great they are. Practice creating a high-quality, valuable content that seemingly has no sales agenda. Make your content in service to your audience. Step #3:  Give something out. Create a content that is informative and beneficial for your consumers. Help them by sharing what you know and provide answers to their questions. This way, you will be able to earn the trust of your consumers and establish loyalty. Step #4: Mind your content calendar. Setting up a content schedule helps you become organized and keeps you on track of what content to create. A content calendar is a great support for your content planning and it also helps you have a consistent flow of content. Step #5: Choose the right platforms. Know which platforms best suits your content and utilize them well. Keep in mind that while promotional platform trends are “in”, you should still evaluate if using it would be worth the time and effort. Lastly, Step #6: Asses your content. Constantly evaluating your content will help you find rooms for improvement.   Find out if your content marketing strategy is paying off and if there are ways to make it better. Always strive from having a good marketing content to having a great marketing content.  Read Five Reasons Why Content Strategy is Crucial To Online Marketing. The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing creates engaging and informative marketing content for clients based on their goals and target audience. Being one of the special areas of TNO, Content Marketing can be used to attract prospects, and turn them into regular customers. Inquire today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (632) 499-1082 for a free consultation. Posted by John Joe Morgan

Let’s talk data. Most websites contain information like text, images and video. In general these are what we call data.

Any content you publish in your own website can be considered the data you create in order to build up your identity and to capture your market. In this post we will tackle more of the internet marketing ideas stressing out data and content control.

Demand for more reliable data When you’re building your website’s data, you need to create information that is useful not only for your website to generate traffic, but for your readers to share the content to their networks. When you choose the type of content you place on your site, make sure to base your decisions on verifiable research and ask the opinion of others.

Some problems arise when a decision is made just because an answer is needed immediately. Analyse your sources and think the pros and cons before choosing your data. Here are some steps in decision making:

• Identify the problem

• Filter Information

• Think of the pros and cons

• Analyze

• Visualize

• Criticize

• Create Options and Alternatives

• Decide

• Act on it

Control Data Flow Don’t use data if you only want to earn money. Your clients will realize that every time they go to your site you will be always trying to sell them something.

Be objective and try to think clearly what you want to establish in your website. Try to create a central resource of information where your market can go to and reliably get data and share it. How to create a data driven marketing strategy:

• Determine what data assets you have available (unique information)

• Create goals depending upon what your data tells

• Create a premise that you think might lead to achieving the goals

• Test your hypothesis

• Adapt your tactics (change according to results)

What to do with Existing Content The goal of repurposing content is to revise the old content and mix it with new one. Do not sacrifice the idea to keep it fresh. Update your content once in a while and let your readers get into your message and understand it clearly.

• Maximize the use of other mediums. If you write well why not make videos this time so that there will be variety in your content? Broaden your platform and attract more clients. Show your other expertise and you’ll eventually venture to more opportunities.

• Consider Content Feeds. Make a series of updates. If you can’t think of any post ask your readers what they want to know. Select from these suggestions and come up with a blog post. You can also choose your best post and make an interactive debate out of it.

• Broaden your reach. Aside from your own website you can post your articles to other article directories for other audience to read it. Make sure you include a link directing to your website if they have their questions.

• Create many but simple blog posts. If you can’t help yourself including a lot of information in your article. Try to break up your big ideas into smaller ones. Create series of blog in order to put emphasis on each idea.

We at The Northern Office-innovative Marketing make sure that your data and content are clear and direct for your market to recognize your brand. We can drive traffic to your website by creating effective content strategies that not only work to improve your online reach but generate leads from your visitors as well. Reach us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +63 (0)45 499-1082