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Internet Marketing Tips You Need To Know (Part 3)

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Let’s talk data. Most websites contain information like text, images and video. In general these are what we call data.

Any content you publish in your own website can be considered the data you create in order to build up your identity and to capture your market. In this post we will tackle more of the internet marketing ideas stressing out data and content control.

Demand for more reliable data When you’re building your website’s data, you need to create information that is useful not only for your website to generate traffic, but for your readers to share the content to their networks. When you choose the type of content you place on your site, make sure to base your decisions on verifiable research and ask the opinion of others.

Some problems arise when a decision is made just because an answer is needed immediately. Analyse your sources and think the pros and cons before choosing your data. Here are some steps in decision making:

• Identify the problem

• Filter Information

• Think of the pros and cons

• Analyze

• Visualize

• Criticize

• Create Options and Alternatives

• Decide

• Act on it

Control Data Flow Don’t use data if you only want to earn money. Your clients will realize that every time they go to your site you will be always trying to sell them something.

Be objective and try to think clearly what you want to establish in your website. Try to create a central resource of information where your market can go to and reliably get data and share it. How to create a data driven marketing strategy:

• Determine what data assets you have available (unique information)

• Create goals depending upon what your data tells

• Create a premise that you think might lead to achieving the goals

• Test your hypothesis

• Adapt your tactics (change according to results)

What to do with Existing Content The goal of repurposing content is to revise the old content and mix it with new one. Do not sacrifice the idea to keep it fresh. Update your content once in a while and let your readers get into your message and understand it clearly.

• Maximize the use of other mediums. If you write well why not make videos this time so that there will be variety in your content? Broaden your platform and attract more clients. Show your other expertise and you’ll eventually venture to more opportunities.

• Consider Content Feeds. Make a series of updates. If you can’t think of any post ask your readers what they want to know. Select from these suggestions and come up with a blog post. You can also choose your best post and make an interactive debate out of it.

• Broaden your reach. Aside from your own website you can post your articles to other article directories for other audience to read it. Make sure you include a link directing to your website if they have their questions.

• Create many but simple blog posts. If you can’t help yourself including a lot of information in your article. Try to break up your big ideas into smaller ones. Create series of blog in order to put emphasis on each idea.

We at The Northern Office-innovative Marketing make sure that your data and content are clear and direct for your market to recognize your brand. We can drive traffic to your website by creating effective content strategies that not only work to improve your online reach but generate leads from your visitors as well. Reach us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +63 (0)45 499-1082

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