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Link Building Strategy: Quality vs Quantity, Investing Your Efforts Effectively

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One of the most key processes in search engine optimization (SEO) is link building. For most link building is abandoned because the task itself eats up a lot of time, patience and can cause endless frustration.

Is there an alternative way to build links? Perhaps the question should be, “what is the proper way to do it?”

Early tactics of link building revolved on a “more links=higher rankings” strategy. Though still there's still some truth in that today the number factor is now linked with a variety of other influencers.  But the numbers game seems to blind a lot of people and they either fall for "black hat" SEO company spiel or go ahead and make things bad for themselves.  

Here are some of those worst link building strategies that are being practiced:

Directory submission – adding your website to generic directories.

Online page creation – composed of photos and text content relevant to your industry, filled with keywords.

Forum link generation – including your site link on signatures when you post in forums

Link exchange programs –purchasing links and publishing them in random link exchange platforms Website owners often find it appealing to get backlinks that are easy to grab.

But it is all about having a concise concept and approach.

There is a quality link building strategy that works.  It may take a little more time and effort but if your organized and have the tenacity to see it through you will be blessed with lots of link loveliness!

Create Relations, not just numerous backlinks

Instead of focusing on how to score tons of backlinks, reach out to fellow site owners or bloggers, interact, and share topics which kindle similar interests. Remember to address them properly in a personal and sincere manner. Invite them to contribute to your blog and eventually get asked in return. In forums and social media platforms, genuinely participate in discussions instead of posting messages with no relation to the topic just for the sake of promoting your link.

Fresh and Appealing Content

Engage readers with fresh and appealing content; content generation drives any modern strategy of SEO. Learn what is current and now, and know what your audience wants. If you have to make events, giveaways or promos to be recommended, do it to leave good and memorable impressions. Also, you can share valuable information like instructional blog entries or studies about problems commonly occurring in your site’s niche. Given that the number of link building strategies will continue to change and multiply, the limitations you will face depend on your own capabilities. By building relations as top priority, this serves as your best investment to the constantly changing world of SEO strategies. Need help in SEO strategies like link building, social media and website content creation?

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