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Why Google Rank Matters to Your Business?

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The internet has been considered as the new marketplace at present. More than being an effective channel for current events and information, the internet has also served as a gateway that connects customers to business people and vice versa. With more than 2.5 billion internet users worldwide, there is always a great opportunity for any marketer to become successful online. The only problem is, how he can do it and who will help him to achieve a truthful online success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and any online marketing effort points on the same direction- Page Rank. Google Page Rank is greatly affected by the rate of traffic that your website creates. Page Rank (PR) is not a sole effort of the website but even your social media accounts contribute to web traffic and this is often coined as off-page optimization.

Easy Influx of Money

The internet is the fastest source of information.  If you are a buyer who needs a certain product, getting the help of the internet is the best solution you can have to find links of the potential companies that can offer you the product you want. If your website is not seen right on the first page, there is also a lower chance for you to get your products and services promoted to your target market.

Profit always depends on the rate of your new and returning customers.

Trustworthiness and Customer Loyalty

Web users usually have this common connotation that websites found on top of search results are more likely to be trusted than those on the lower pages. Well, this makes sense when it comes to Google/ Yahoo Trust Rank.  This method is applied by search engines to determine the trust level of a particular site that they want to rank higher on their pages.

Customers find it easier to trust your products and services if they will see you on the top page knowing that Google or Yahoo did not bring you on the top spot for nothing.

More Links and Site Connection

Sites with higher page rank are often considered as authority sites.  More people will click and visit your site and this creates a good opportunity to get more sponsors and add extra monetary value on your company.

And most importantly, if you have a higher PR, it will only take few minutes before your content gets indexed by Google.  Meaning, any update on your site will be easily seen on search engine results page and this will lead to more search clicks and link visits.  

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