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Why-Social-MediaThe real question is why social media for marketing? Simply, because not everyone will walk on the street where your shop is located and will see it. There’s a big population of your target market out there using social media who will not just pass by your shop but will visit it once you started social media management.

Here why you should start marketing in social media:

Almost everyone has a social media account

In 2017, studies show that 71% of internet users are social media users; there are 2.46 billion people who have social media account. With that number, don’t you think social media is a good place to find your target market?

There are different social media platforms

Start making a Facebook page, a Twitter and Instagram account. There is LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, too. Yes, there are lots social media platforms and we know it is hard to manage all of them at one time. You are the business owner, so be the boss and let us do the social media management for you.

Here at The Northern Office, we have social media experts that can create these pages and accounts for you. Our experts will not just create, but they will also manage it for you; of course, you also have access to every account so you can see the progress itself.

Ads in social media allow targeting

Yes, ads in social media are customizable. You can target users using location, interests or age. And our social media managers are skilled enough to know who to target for every ad they will put up in your accounts. These people whom they will target are most likely to become solid leads and sales!

Generate traffic for your website

While posting about your products or services on social media, your website link will be included in each post, tweet or photo. So letting people know that you have a website. It’s not just a social media page, there is also a website, people! Click on the link and see what we offer. It’s a matter of convincing them to go and see your website, and that is what our social media people are good at.

Build Brand Loyalty

Research says that most people are looking for a social media account if they hear a brand that is new to their ears, and earns the customers’ trust once they have seen a social media page. Plus, with social media, you can interact with your customers more. You can see their reviews about your products or services, and they can send you in a message directly if they want to ask something. Thus, your brand gains loyal customers because you can interact with them.

Your competitors are doing it.

Yes, the other brands are doing it, too. So do not just sit there and watch them increase their sales. What you should do is have your own social media accounts and have a team to manage it.

You heard that right, it’s a team. No, you don’t need to hire people right now, that’ll take time and a lot of processes. We can get you a team of social media experts right away, we have them here at The Northern Office!

Call us now and let’s talk about your business.

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