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10 Social Media Etiquette for Business Pages

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10 Social Media Etiquettes for Business Page 225x300 10 Social Media Etiquette for Business Pages

The impact of social media has taken everyone by storm. Research shows that almost 80% of internet users worldwide have their own social media accounts where they spend most of their internet usage. Not only that, social sharing is not only a thing for students or moms away from home because Facebook has helped 70% of marketers find and acquire new customers for their business. If you are an internet marketer, seeing these figures will definitely make you fall off your seat, understanding them will brighten your future when it comes to your career path. But these figures do not tell all when it comes to online success. As we all know, mistakes are inevitable, but committing mistakes on your social media accounts are irreversible like the impact it can lead to your business. Here are some helpful social media rules for your business.

  1. Stay Genuine to Your Audience

Always make sure that you are providing the right information through your social media pages. Keep the most crucial information like contact numbers, email address and website link simple and easier to recognize.

  1. Do not mix business with pleasure

Social media pages are created to represent your company within the internet community. Do not link your personal connections on these pages to avoid mixing your personal life to these platforms intended for business.

  1. Do not force the audience to like your Page

Every person has a unique preference when it comes to the products and services they need. Do not force any follower to like your page or recommend it to their friends. Asking them once is enough for you to know if they are interested or not.

  1. Do not accept or share ‘time waster’ applications

Facebook offers hundreds of applications but not all of them are applicable to your business. Choose only those applications that can help you improve your page. Another rule of thumb, do not send notifications or any game invitation to your followers and do stick to business talk.

  1. DO NOT over-share

Limit your posts on social media accounts in order to stop any of your followers hitting the ‘unfollow’ button. Everyone has their own matters to handle and do not let them get tired of reading updates from you on their news feed.

  1. Pay Attention to Grammar

Customers pay attention to the little things you think don’t matter to them. Poor grammar and spelling can break the chain of professionalism and trustworthiness. Make sure you check your post before you hit the OK button.

  1. Perk Up Your Social Efforts

Customers can easily tell if you are in interested communicating with them. Do not leave messages unattended or keep friend requests waiting for too long. Once you opened a social media account, make sure not to beg off halfway.

  1. Do not select contacts discriminately

Do not turn down any friend request unless you see it as a threat or of no benefit. Do not let a good chance of increasing your online presence pass by with the wrong decision.

  1. Disassociate your account from rants against competitors

Do not look for praise and approval from target customers by posting negative sentiments against your competitors. And do not let other people say it on your behalf.

10. Safeguard your account through advanced security settings

Do not let anyone tag you with humiliating photos that can affect your profile indirectly. Limit and restrict your account’s features before this happens. With the easy navigation that most of the social media sites offer, it is imperative to follow these handy reminders to maintain a good online reputation for your business.  

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