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BIG Questions to Ask on your Twitter Page

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If you are using Twitter as part of your online marketing efforts (which you should really be doing), you should know by now how the power of 140 characters can either let your audience notice or dump you on their news feed.

Twitter is the key social networking platform to people who are ‘always on the go’. If you are a business person or a full time mother who has too many errands to attend to, your attention span when it comes to your online activities is shorter than the norm. Twitter is an effective communicator for people who only want straight forward news and information.

It’s a cliché that questions always require answers or correspondence. But when it comes to Twitter, finding the right questions to ask to your audience is the way to gain higher level of online engagement.

Before we can let you take a bite on our main course, have you done a quick status check on your Twitter account lately? How is your Twitter account doing since we shared this article with you?

Here is a quick recap on how to check your Twitter status:

Status Check #1: How many followers do you have? Are you contented with these figures?

Status Check # 2: Did your chosen keywords for hashtags worked? How many successful Twitter chats you had during the last few months?

And lastly, Status Check # 3:  how many followers replied, retweeted or marked your posts as their favorite item? These 3 main factors are clear indicators whether you went to a level higher on your audience engagement or it’s the same old thing.

If you think you are not yet satisfied with the results, it is time to pay attention to your posts and use thought-provoking questions that can entice your followers to participate.

The ‘Feelings’ Question

According to marketing experts, the greatest weapon that you can have on your e-newsletters, email campaigns and other online marketing collaterals is your personal connection to your audience or customers. Getting the sentiments of your followers regarding your products or services is a good way to catch their attention.

The ‘Test of Knowledge’

Sharing general knowledge trivia and questions to reveal a product or service can get a higher chance of interaction than the use of jargons or puns that only you know. The ‘Number Guessing’ People love to read posts that share numbers and statistics. A tricky question that requires simple mathematics makes excellent bait for your followers.

The ‘Yes or No’ Question

Though this is the simplest form of a question, this is still a powerful one as it requires your online followers to justify their answer through their own insights and opinions. The ‘Yes or No’ question is a proven way to get immediate responses on Twitter.

Always remember, the more creative your content is, the more attention it gets from your audience.

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