Wednesday, 30 November 2011 20:55

Death of an internet marketer

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Thanks to Ian at Portent ( for this great post:  

A very short play. The setting: A dinner party about 1 year ago. The cast: Them: An advertising exec from a traditional agency. 15+ years’ experience.

Me: You know. Curtain  

Them: “So, Ian, what do you do?”

Me: “I run an internet marketing agency.”

Them: “Oh. What’s that?”

Me: “We help companies get more leads, sales, whatever through marketing on the internet.”

Them: “What’s marketing on the internet? Buying banner ads? We tried that a few years back. We made a sweet percentage on it.”

Me: “We focus more on the stuff that drives conversions or builds audience in a measurable way: Search engines, social media, site optimization, that kind of thing.”

Them: “So, you build websites! Hey, my friend is starting a new business and needs some help with their site. They don’t have much money, but I’m sure they could send more business your way. Can I have them give you a call?”

Me: “Um, we don’t really build many sites.

We help folks improve existing sites, by making them more visible in search results, growing their audience and fixing issues that might prevent visitors from becoming customers.” Them: “…”

Me: “I help people show up higher on Google.” Them: “Ohhhhhhhh. They were talking about that on Dexter last week.” Me: (head explodes)

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