Getting fresh ideas for your blogs or social media posts can often seem challenging, as it is difficult to continuously come up with fresh and important content. Content is not just about blocks of texts anymore, too much can affect your efforts to engage an audience. Here are some of the importance:

You’re in Control

Instead of being dependent on an external vendor, with a content management system, you are in control, with the ability to assign a task in your dashboard and to check progress at any time. It puts you in the driving seat when it comes to this important business tool. As people’s attention span continues to shorten, you have to think visually and consider using powerful images and a great layout to attract and connect with your target audience.


Helps you Manage Content

With a content management system, you have the ability to make a change in your dashboard and automatically propagate the entire site. For some businesses, content management is not just about publishing contents but also being able to remove it when it’s already out of date. A content management system is simple as unpublishing the content so that customers continue to have a good experience of the site.


Streamlines Scheduling

A decent content management system will give you a glance view of the status of all content, whether it’s live, a draft or being reviewed. It doesn’t just apply to blog posts but to product pages and other website pages. It is easy to integrate a planned content with your marketing plan so that everyone knows what’s happening to your website.


Improves Site Maintenance

Search engine prioritizes newer content, it’s better if your website has an update once in a while. A content management system helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily find your information. Content management system automatically scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices, and other smaller browser windows. You can update your site from anywhere with an internet connection.


The Northern Office has experienced content creators that create and develop striking website content with the end vision of converting leads into consumers/customers. We make use of infographics, photos, or videos to keep your readers entertained and engaged.

The Northern Office has proven excellence when it comes to developing and maintaining quality content that attracts and earns the trust of site visitors. Let us help you improve your website and its content. Call us now!

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Why Blogging is Important

Who is your target audience? What are your goals? What action do you want to project? Your posts should encourage discussions, a desire to share, retweet or bookmark.

Regardless if you have a small business or a multinational company, blogging is essential to your content marketing strategy. Here are the reasons why you need blogs for your content management:


Drives Traffic to Your Website

How can you drive traffic to your website? Make the blog on your website the foundation of all your social media accounts. You could post links where there are relevant visuals of your blog articles to your social media platforms. Post inbound links directly to your blog articles to drive traffic to specific landing pages of your website.


Improves Your Website’s SEO

Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ queries. When you optimize your website, including your blog posts, you’re making your website more visible to people who are entering keywords that is associated with your products/services. Blog content also helps you have traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.


It Establishes Authority

The best business blogs answer their customers and leads’ common questions. A well-written article demonstrates your company as an industry pioneer. Your customers additionally gain benefit from the learning you provide to them. You need to tie the impact of your blog, because at the end of the day, that’s what mostly of your blog posts are.


Develop and Strengthen Customer Relationships

By connecting directly to your website, your clients are capable to know your business or product. Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. Blogging is a good way to build trust with your target audience through the quality of your content that they find very relevant. An active comment section can be able to follow the visitors’ responses to your posts, and you will be able to respond to them directly to their comments.


Worry not because The Northern Office is here. Our company does content management that could increase search engine visibility through keyword focus in text-based presentation. Our team can provide you unique and interesting content that can positively attract visitors and engage readers.

We can help you build a website with great content that will increase your traffic and get more customers. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now.



Step up with that business of yours! Make sure you have a website, social media accounts and you can cater what your clients want. Let us assist you with what you need for online marketing, The Northern Office based in the Philippines offers:

Outsourced web designing

The Northern office has a team of professional web developers that can make a website that fits your business. If you already have one, we can redesign it and turn it into the website that your company needs. We do not just design and code, we also make sure that it has good content so more people can see it as Google ranks it up. We have content writers that utilize SEO strategies.

Outsourced programming

Need a program? No, you do not need to hire a full-time programmer just for a short time project. Contact The Northern Office instead, we have highly trained programmers that can do the program that your company needs. We make sure we understand your business first before doing the program so that we do not make any error and make sure that your program is done on time.

Outsourced social media marketing

There are a lot of social media platforms today, a few are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you are a business owner and you manage all your social media accounts, how will you focus on other aspects of your business? Let us handle your social media marketing. If you do not have any social media accounts, no worries, we have social media experts who will make them for you.

White label services

If you also have a digital marketing company and you have a lot of projects to do, do not rush into hiring full-time employees. Because The Northern Office is here to do white label services for you. With white labeling, you will reduce your cost, save time, get more profit and have a team of experts in the field that you need. Need a programmer? Just white label, call us! Need a web developer? White label is the solution, contact us!

We have been working with different clients for about 13 years, contact us today and be our partner! 

Email MarketingDigital marketing has evolved when social media came into the picture, so a question has risen: “is email marketing still important?”

Though many platforms are existing for digital marketing, the answer is yes. Yes, email marketing or email campaigns are still important. Here are the reasons why:


A person cannot create a social media account without an email, so yes, emails are still a thing today. Also, applications for email are available on smartphones, thus notifying them to read their email. When it comes to business too, emails are being used to transfer information. Business man talk via mail! So there are a lot of engagements in emails.


An email campaign keeps you in contact with your audience. Whether they be new market or previous customers. Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed and updated about your products or services.


Once you sent out your email campaign, everyone in the list will receive it real time. You advertised directly to a target market. Unlike social media, not everyone you want to advertise to will see it. But do not get us wrong, social media marketing is also an efficient strategy. It’s just that email marketing allows targeted messaging to the target market.


Social media is not the only way to increase your brand awareness. Email campaign is also a way, just think of it, having a customer’s email address mean they showed interest in your business. That is why they subscribed and left their email address so you can send them updates about your products or services.


An email is a personal message, comparing it to an ad that is on Facebook. Also you can create the right message for the right audience. You can address your audience as a whole but still manage to make it sound personal. Use an approach in the correct fashion, give seasonal offers or give a discount to a customer who is celebrating a birthday.

But what if as a business owner, you are busy focusing on increasing your profit?

Too busy to customize emails?

Too busy to send out?

No worries, The Northern Office is here. Our company does digital marketing which includes email marketing and social media marketing. Our team can customize your emails for you, create newsletter and send them out to the market.

Our employees are trained and have used strategies that have been proven effective. So what are you waiting for? Call us now. 

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Why Social Media

Why-Social-MediaThe real question is why social media for marketing? Simply, because not everyone will walk on the street where your shop is located and will see it. There’s a big population of your target market out there using social media who will not just pass by your shop but will visit it once you started social media management.

Here why you should start marketing in social media:

Almost everyone has a social media account

In 2017, studies show that 71% of internet users are social media users; there are 2.46 billion people who have social media account. With that number, don’t you think social media is a good place to find your target market?

There are different social media platforms

Start making a Facebook page, a Twitter and Instagram account. There is LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, too. Yes, there are lots social media platforms and we know it is hard to manage all of them at one time. You are the business owner, so be the boss and let us do the social media management for you.

Here at The Northern Office, we have social media experts that can create these pages and accounts for you. Our experts will not just create, but they will also manage it for you; of course, you also have access to every account so you can see the progress itself.

Ads in social media allow targeting

Yes, ads in social media are customizable. You can target users using location, interests or age. And our social media managers are skilled enough to know who to target for every ad they will put up in your accounts. These people whom they will target are most likely to become solid leads and sales!

Generate traffic for your website

While posting about your products or services on social media, your website link will be included in each post, tweet or photo. So letting people know that you have a website. It’s not just a social media page, there is also a website, people! Click on the link and see what we offer. It’s a matter of convincing them to go and see your website, and that is what our social media people are good at.

Build Brand Loyalty

Research says that most people are looking for a social media account if they hear a brand that is new to their ears, and earns the customers’ trust once they have seen a social media page. Plus, with social media, you can interact with your customers more. You can see their reviews about your products or services, and they can send you in a message directly if they want to ask something. Thus, your brand gains loyal customers because you can interact with them.

Your competitors are doing it.

Yes, the other brands are doing it, too. So do not just sit there and watch them increase their sales. What you should do is have your own social media accounts and have a team to manage it.

You heard that right, it’s a team. No, you don’t need to hire people right now, that’ll take time and a lot of processes. We can get you a team of social media experts right away, we have them here at The Northern Office!

Call us now and let’s talk about your business.

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SEO is the Key

SEO is the key to a higher rank. Not only that, it will also generate more website traffic. If your website will utilize search engine optimization techniques, search engines like Google will put your website in a higher rank and more people will see it.

So when a customer types into Google a keyword that is related to your business, your website will be in the page results in a higher rank —  more chances of customer to see it.

Here are a few tips for SEO:


Search the terms and phrases that are most searched and are related to your business. Use these terms when writing your content, such as blogs or product descriptions. There are different software found on the internet for you to use and research what are the most searched phrases which will fit your business the most.

Then, do not only put the keywords in your blogs or descriptions, make sure they are also on the title. Put the keywords on the header and URL, too. It will help the search engine know what the page is about, giving it a higher rank.


It’s not all about you and your business, it is also about your competition. Do research, so sit down in front of your computer and use “private browsing”. If you are using Chrome, it is ‘Incognito’, in Internet explorer it’s ‘InPrivate’ and ‘Private’ for Safari and FireFox.

Now that you are using private browsing, type in something about your business and see the top 10 results. Check their content, look at what you are missing in your website and create better content!

Write Good Content

Do not just make something up and put the keywords. Come up with something interesting, something that people will check in Google, then write it with the keywords.

Don’t also forget to make your website user-friendly. So when your site ranks up and people will check it, they will not have a hard item to navigate it and check out more what’s on your website.

Want to have good content and a user-friendly website? You got us. Here at The Northern Office, our web designers will know what design that fits your business. We will not only give you a good website, but also content. If you have existing content, we can re-write them for you and utilize SEO techniques.

Contact us. Partner up with us and see your business flourish.

Your business needs a website and your page needs some managing, there are many companies out there with different designs and what they have to offer but what are the things that you should consider when it comes to choosing the right company?

Here are the things you should look for when choosing a company that will do your website designing and your social media management:


A website and a social media page is a collaborative work, you tell them what you want, and their team has something for you, too. Then, your ideas come together and come up with even better things for your website and for your social media pages. You tell them the design that you want, and they tell you the design that you need.


Yes, they know how to create a website for you, but can they do the responsive design? The website that they will design for you respond depending on the platform and screen size of the user.


The company you should choose should not just give you web designers, but a team; which means there are web designers, social media managers, marketing managers and graphic designers. If they give you a team, that is guaranteed that your website is really going somewhere. It’s not just going to stay there, unvisited. Because they have people who know SEO and how the content should go, your website and your social media page is going to the right path.


The company you should look for should have worked with different people and clients; in that way, you will know that they have made different kinds of websites and managed different social media pages. Usually, you can see this one in their portfolio.


This simply means that they keep it up with the latest trend when it comes to designing and catching the attention the target market. Technology has a fast pace, so if the company is keeping up with it, they definitely know how to do the job for you.

Hey here’s the good news!

There is a company that possess all of these things! It’s the Northern Office (also known as TNO). Our team here at TNO listen to clients and refine each suggestion and idea that ends up with better results. Our employees are experts in their fields – and yes, our web designers are well versed with responsive design.

Partnering with us means you are going to have your own team, you need a web designer? A virtual marketing assistant? A social media manager? A programmer? Or a graphic artist? TNO has the team for you.

You can also check our portfolio in our website, so you can see whom we have been working with.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today.

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Who do you go to? TNO!

Who do you go to? TNO!Wait, what’s TNO? But first, let’s talk about how your business is doing. Do you get new customers? How’s sales? Is your profit increasing? Will you settle for what you have now or are you aiming for something bigger?

No owner would like its business to go down the drain or stay stagnant. Every owner would like to see the business flourish over time. Who do you go to for assistance? To the top marketing company of course!

That is why TNO - The Northern Office is here for you!

The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO) is a privately owned digital marketing consultancy and sales process consultancy based in the Philippines. We have clients in the country and across the globe.

What can TNO do for you?

Outsourced Marketing

Need a marketing team? TNO is here. Need a virtual marketing assistant? TNO has it for you. Save more time and money while earning more by being partners with us.  Our staff are trained to do effective campaigns for your business - whether it be an email campaign, an online ad or a campaign for your website. TNO will have the marketing strategy that will suit your business.

If you also want to join in the trend in social media, we have social media experts that can do the job for you. With the growing community online, having Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and a lot more, it is hard to manage all of these platforms at once. That is why, an outsourced social media manager is the answer. Let TNO’s social media experts do the marketing for you and you can  spend your time to other matters that you need to attend to.

Outsourced SEO

Let your website be known to all. Have it placed on the top listings of Google. Search Engine Optimization is one of the things we do at TNO. We make sure that your website’s content has the right keywords so that you have a good placement in Google searches.

Let the people know more about your brand through SEO. Let the TNO workforce assist you out with that!

Outsourced Design

Logos, banners or graphics for your website? We got your back! Our team in TNO can design graphics that is relevant to your content and will grab the audience’s attention. Thus, giving your site more visitors.

We do not only stop there, TNO’s team can also design your newsletter and brochures! We have competent professionals who will accomplish all of these for you and your business.

Outsourced Programming

TNO has developers that can create your website, or improve the existing one. Our developers will work you with regards on how you want your website to look and what you want to put in it. Our developers will make sure that your page elements and your interface is user-friendly that will increase traffic and generate leads.

Your website is your image online that is why it is important for it to have the correct content that will give you a better placement in searches; TNO’s workforce can take care of what’s there to improve on your website.

Why TNO?

The Northern Office Innovative Marketing has been successfully helping its clients for 13 years. We have established systems and good marketing strategies that work for our clients -- and these will work for your business. 

Our staff are trained to do the work for you. Let TNO assist you and see your sales flourish as your business expands. 

Call us today!

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E for Embrace E-commerce

E for Embrace E-commerceTechnology has broadened the paths for businesses to reach their target market. Various applications such as emails, websites and other social media platforms has risen and are now tools used for business. E-commerce has become a thing.  

Now, why should you put up with the trend and do business activities online? Why should you embrace e-commerce?

To attract new customers. Grow your business and gain new customers online. Not all people will pass by your physical shop -- but the internet is there, almost everywhere. Studies shows that 3.77 billion people use the internet, so putting your business online would really attract many new customers. Just make sure you have the right strategies for doing the business online.

Build your brand. Flag that name of yours online and tell them about it. Boost your brand awareness and establish a good image online. As you launch your website and other social media pages for your business, put relevant and good content so that search engines will notice and boost your sites in the list arrangement. That’s one of the things e-commerce can do for you.

Engage in social media. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? Then, there’s Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you choose to join in e-commerce, then try engaging in social media where you can post or tweet about the products or services of your business. Then you can participate in forums where people will know about your business and check out your website.

Tap purchase decision. Going in for e-commerce will influence more people with their purchase decision. Presently, before people will buy something, they usually look it up online first. That is why you should have your own website and social media pages put up. Then, goal to be on the top of the listings and that will give a good impact to the purchase decision of your target market.

Propel sales. Letting more people know about your business online will increase your market. E-commerce has allowed you to reach more people, thus, giving your business, the possibility of more customers and we know that more customers equals to more sales.

Do not just settle for what you have now, aim high. E-commerce is a tool for your business to grow. Set up everything online and let them know about what you offer. Need any help with your website and social media pages management? The Northern Office is here for you. Be partners with us and see your business flourish!

We are looking for a recent graduated Graphic Designer that has both the design skill set and the business skill set that is essential to this position. The person we are looking for must be able to make this article look good and:

• Use Adobe Creative Suite - primarily and Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

• Create Graphics - Apply your deep understanding of typography, illustration, vector art and layout when working on design projects.

• Interpret the client brief – that is listen to clients and effectively interpret their requirements as outlined in creative briefs and translate them into compelling visual designs.

• Learn quickly and follow design briefs and brand style guides which means that you will have excellent verbal and written English and phone skills.

• Move design theory into design reality. Here we need you to combine design theory and take into consideration content, structure, and usability issues to create powerful and high impact designs.

• Work with client to explain design concepts and manage design feedback.

• Be creative – sounds obvious but we do not need copycats. We need original designers.

• Work with Client design and marketing staff - Collaborate with the client’s staff to ensure your designs are consistent with client expectations and overall project goals.

• Work within project schedules and meet deadlines.

• Create large format, print-ready files for production

• Able to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines


Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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