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We are looking for a recent graduated Graphic Designer that has both the design skill set and the business skill set that is essential to this position. The person we are looking for must be able to make this article look good and:

• Use Adobe Creative Suite - primarily and Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

• Create Graphics - Apply your deep understanding of typography, illustration, vector art and layout when working on design projects.

• Interpret the client brief – that is listen to clients and effectively interpret their requirements as outlined in creative briefs and translate them into compelling visual designs.

• Learn quickly and follow design briefs and brand style guides which means that you will have excellent verbal and written English and phone skills.

• Move design theory into design reality. Here we need you to combine design theory and take into consideration content, structure, and usability issues to create powerful and high impact designs.

• Work with client to explain design concepts and manage design feedback.

• Be creative – sounds obvious but we do not need copycats. We need original designers.

• Work with Client design and marketing staff - Collaborate with the client’s staff to ensure your designs are consistent with client expectations and overall project goals.

• Work within project schedules and meet deadlines.

• Create large format, print-ready files for production

• Able to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines


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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 00:00

Five Signs That Tell You Need A Website Redesign

Five Signs That Tell You Need A Website Redesign1. Everything looks old and outdated. If you haven’t done any updates on your website for years after its creation, then I am sure there’s no need to ask if you should go for a redesign or not. The thing with websites is that once they are created, updating will always be a continuous activity. As technology quickly changes, so is your website’s need to go with these changes. Take this as a step to a better corporate/brand/business identity.

2. It’s dry and boring. A blog article entitled How Design Drives Your Website explains how design helps attract more people in visiting your website. With the world paying a huge attention to visual content nowadays, the necessity of design in websites is definitely something not to be ignored about. Read the article on Seven Website Design Rules and learn some tips on how to build nicely designed websites.

3. It doesn't work well. Nothing can get worse than having a website that exists but does not work. There are a lot of reasons why a website would not work well. Top reasons are: a) Poor coding b) Poor SEO c) Poor design d) Poor hosting service While there’s nothing wrong with relying on free services, professionally made websites often go for full-service (paid) services because they provide the complete services and maintenance that website needs that result to better outcomes.

4. User interface is not friendly. One of the things you should consider when you’re deciding whether to have a website redesign or not is the functionality of its user interface. The article Ten Things Your Website Should Have mentioned the importance of easy navigation to users as these serve as guides that should take your visitors to the information they are seeking for quickly and easily.

5. It does not serve its purpose. A website does not serve its purpose when: a) it does not generate traffic, b) it generates traffic but does not gain sales. If either of the two is happening to you, then it is time to take a step forward and do something about it. This may be a good time to find rooms for improvement and analyze if you executed your marketing objectives very well. Here are some good questions that will help you determine your website’s problems.

  • Were you able to get your customer’s attention?
  • Do you give worthy and helpful content on your products/services or put whatever is available?
  • Do you give opportunities or actions to engage them, like special offers, trials, tips, etc..?
  • Were you able to provide help or assistance?
  • Do you give an explanation of your products/service benefit or you’re just focusing on the features?
  • Do you use other platforms or link building methods to add up on your web presence?
  • Do you give visitors any means to contact you?
  • Were you able to answer your visitors’ FAQs?
  • Does your website look trust worthy?

NEED OUR HELP? Send us an email right now and tell us about your website’s needs and we’ll advise some tips on how we can help.Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at (632) 499-1082 to avail our free consultation.For years, The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing Support has been creating, developing and managing ranking websites for different companies across the globe and in the Philippines. TNO provides a complete range of website development services, SEO, inbound and outbound marketing, multimedia marketing service and sales support.  Visit www.thenorthernoffice.com.