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Thursday, 18 July 2013 13:58

The Basics of a Winning Press Release

The basics of a winning press releasePress Release (PR) may just be one of the many ways that can help improve the web visibility of a company but when done right, one PR could already change the fate of that company. That is why it is important for every company to realize the impact of writing a winning PR. There are several important aspects that every PR should have in order to gain a big amount of readership and even engage its readers to interact with one another creating more and more buzz about it. Hard to Miss Headline The first aspect that every winning PR has is a spot on headline or an attention grabbing title. Let us admit it, there is a reason why the headline is called well, “headline”. This is because the headline is the first thing that a reader will see and more often than not, a reader will already decide if he’ll continue reading the article or not right after he has read the headline. Engage Readers Word Per Word Another aspect that every winning PR has is high quality content. In order to catch the attention of the readers, it should contain accurate and factual information that are fresh, exciting and engaging. The main reason why a company sends out a PR to the news media is to let the community know that they have something new and important to share. So every company should make it a point to avoid sending out PRs that contain information that readers already know or news that are dishonest and misleading because it will only hurt the credibility of the company. Credibility is Key Citing remarks and recommendations from well trusted professionals in their fields is also an aspect that every winning PR should never miss. Readers will even be more convinced on what is written on the PR if it is backed up with remarks from highly credible people or organizations in that field. Just a quick example, a reader will most likely believe more a PR about the latest computing software that has a number of well-known and reputable computer software engineers sharing their thoughts about the software than a PR that says so many great and unique features of the latest computing software without any expert in that field vouching for the product. Branch Out Lastly, a winning PR does not only focus on being launched alone using various media channels. Instead, a winning PR also gets disseminated to the target community or to the existing network of the company. The logic behind this move is that even though the news media has a wide range of audience, a company that has a solid network already has most of the readers it needs to tap. Having said all that, I would just like to remind everyone that I am not saying that writing a winning PR will surely make a company’s web visibility change drastically overnight every single time. Yes, there are companies that did succeed in changing their fate online in just a small amount of time thru their winning PRs alone but those are just very rare instances. The way to the top definitely takes some time and requires hard work but sending out PRs that have rich and exciting new contents will definitely boost any company’s web visibility. Are you now wondering who can provide you all your PR needs? The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing provides PR assistance as well as SEO services to all interested clients and not only that! TNO also offers free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s. You can email us your inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan    

Of PRs and SEO Articles: Quality Will ALWAYS Be Better Than QuantityWeb visibility is definitely the main goal of any company or individual who would like to make it big on the internet. These days, two of the most effective ways to do just that are to create press releases (PRs) worthy of media attention and SEO articles that are mind engaging. A Press Release (PR) in simple terms is a piece of fresh and factual information that is being forwarded to different media outlets to help spread the word about it. An SEO article on the other hand is a written piece of knowledge that talks about a concept or an idea that is related to the main product or service of a company. The main difference between a PR and an SEO article is that a PR is solely centred on facts and that an SEO article can be based from facts or it can be based from opinions usually from a professional in that particular field or it can be both. However, one of the mistakes that most companies do is to bombard their readers with lots and lots of articles and press releases that do not really have engaging contents making those entries a total waste of web space not to mention a waste of time, energy and effort both from the writers and the readers. Just like the old saying, “quality over quantity”, it is much better and absolutely much wiser to create one well written PR or one knowledge-rich SEO article than posting dozens of poorly researched articles and misleading PRs. A PR that contains exciting and important developments about a specific product will definitely catch the attention of that product’s target web community. However, a PR that contains pretty much the same content or little to no new information about a particular service will only bore its target market and may even be tagged as a spam. Moving forward, an SEO article that is loaded with fresh, well explained and engaging concepts will definitely make the readers hooked and looking forward to future write ups. Nevertheless, a substandard SEO entry that contains useless or redundant or worse, plagiarized content will not only turn off the readers but more importantly, it will tarnish the credibility and reputation of the company involved. Companies should not get scared or worry too much if they do not have a lot of articles and PRs to send out to the online community regularly as long as they make sure that they send out a well-researched, neatly presented, honest, engaging and accurate write up every now and then.  Hopefully, more and more companies will start to realize that one write-up that contains a neatly written and attention grabbing news can beat a bunch of articles that contain nothing but a string of words that make no sense at all any day. Do you already have an incredible team that is working on creating fresh and exciting PRs as well as high quality SEO articles for your company? The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing is a company that provides just that and even more! TNO also offers free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s/ You can email us your inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan