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Friday, 05 April 2013 15:59

Ten Things Your Website Should Have

Ten things your website should have

A good website accomplishes a company’s marketing goals and objectives.

Whatever kind of business you have, when it comes to developing your website, you have to make sure that it contains all the important elements that helps make your products or services are reachable to your visitors. We have listed 10 important elements that should be on your website.

If you are planning to have a website set up for your business, this article would help you understand the important key elements that all top-ranking websites have.

1.) Easy Navigation.  The purpose of your website’s menu is to make it easier for your visitors to go about your website. Website navigation must highlight the substantial components of your products and services in a neat, visible and categorized manner.

2.) Neat Design.  It is best to go for neatness, conciseness, good functionality and simplicity when it comes to website design.  Read the article Seven Website Design Rules to learn some tips on building a nicely designed website.

3.) Optimized Content. Content is the primary and most important key element in a website as we know it. Content builds your business and it is the prime reason why your visitors stick around. If you want to increase your website’s chances of getting indexed by search engines, make sure that you put in optimized content that involves the appropriate keywords and key phrases for your website. Read the article on Content Strategy for tips on content creation.

4.) Optimized Images. Imagery appeals to the eyes and they help sell your products and services.  However, robots can’t index images. The best thing to do is put in alt tags so search engines can read them.

5.) Contact Details. One of the essential information that all successful websites should have is contact details. If your visitors are interested with your services but can’t find any means to get in touch with you, they’ll probably look for something else and maybe end up going for the competitor.

6.) Footer Navigation. If your primary navigation contains all the essential elements you need to highlight, you can either repeat the navigation below or put in additional information such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and etc.

7.) Sitemap. Sitemap benefits your website for two main reasons;

1) it helps visitors for an easier navigation, and;

2) it offers better online visibility to search engines. If you want to have these benefits, you should have a sitemap submitted to search engines.

8.) Good Coding. A good website always has a good coding. Good coding helps you gain a better search engine position. Search engine rely on text alone so make sure to have the codes right. Read about On Page Optimization and how you can use this to your website’s advantage.

9.) Search Bar, Subscribe and Social Buttons. A search field helps visitors find a specific content on your site. Some people may not even have the time to browse and will just search through. If your site contains hundreds of pages, it’s really worth having a search field on your website.  Subscribe button on the other hand will help keep your visitors sign up for your latest news, offers and products and service updates. Use of social media links also increases your website’s chances of being shared.  By engaging socially, you are expanding your methods of reaching out to your customers. Take advantage on the effectiveness of social media sharing. Include social media buttons on your site.

10.) Statistics/Analytics Tracking. There are several tracking solutions you can use for monitoring your traffic status such as Google Analytics. As a website owner, it is important that you know your website's performance to know if your efforts are paying off. It will also help you discover what you need to improve on your website through analytics.

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