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Friday, 12 April 2013 14:33

Why Good SEO Pays Off

SEO techniques are classified into the following categories: White hat, Gray Hat & Black Hat.

In this article, we’ll be explaining how each one uses a particular factor in the process of search engine optimization and what results do they give to your website.  You will also be able to understand how each of the techniques work and why a good SEO technique is still best for your website. Let us start by defining the three.

SEO techniques are represented by colors – not that they wear real colored hats but the colors determine the purity of your site based on search engines’ SEO terms and conditions.

White Hat – White hat is a SEO technique that follows Google’s SEO standards and uses ethical and professional methods to optimize a website to improve ranking in search results. White hat generally aims to create a well coded website and achieve long term results.

Grey Hat – Grey hat is a mixture of both white hat and black hat SEO. It does adhere with search engines’ SEO rules but slightly bends them to get faster results and has lesser chance of being penalized.

Black Hat – Most SEO experts regard this as an illegal approach of optimizing websites. Black hat SEO uses manipulative methods that results to extremely quick but short term results. Plus, some websites with Black Hat SEO’s are being penalized by being banned from search engines. Now that you have a slight idea of what these techniques are, take a look at this infographic to differentiate each technique’s quality and methods involved.

good seo

You now probably have an idea what each technique can provide your website.  The big question is why choose good SEO when you could actually go for other methods with faster results? While some companies resort to shady methods of SEO in order to rank, white SEO is still considered the most and only advisable way of generating traffic.

White SEO is guaranteed 100% safe from risks and other damages that unlawful methods can do to your website.

White hat SEO may probably take a long time before achieving results, but you’d be surprised with how the hard work  and time is worth your investment.

Learn how you can get a healthy SEO ranking.

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