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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 17:02

Steps on How to Expand SEO through Social Search


Here are some steps we’d like to share on how to you can make use of the social media to expand your search engine optimization.

Step 1: Make sure your social media tools are integrated with your SEO tools The idea here to make sure that the message you’ll send via social networks is similar to your website’s SEO. Place social sharing buttons in your webpages for easy sharing. When you make changes on your website make sure you also update your social network accounts and vice versa. This avoids confusion and establish some professionalism.

Step 2: Find and encourage your social media influencers Connect with the people you know who share your content. Once you know them, they will help you expand your reach online because your content is what they push. The next thing to do is to thank them for spreading word about your business.

You can also put up a mini event to be able to gather them and feed them with more information about your business such as upcoming news about your company.

Step 3: Watch for changing factors in social search When Google+ started, many talked about it and some also said it wouldn’t last for long. However, today Google+ is finding its audience and creating a space unlike the usual social network.

You should also keep your Facebook pages active, because this contributes shares and link building since Facebook is today’s largest social networking website. Remember to be updated on what’s in and what’s out in the social search.

Step 4: Remember the golden rule. Just start with well-created, useful and original content and everything else will follow.

Make sure your content is useful to your audience and not full of technical or sales jargon. This will drive traffic to your website as well as gain more connections via social networks. Let your social media enhance your SEO.

Connect with your audience with a more direct approach!

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