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Friday, 07 December 2012 10:27

SEO Influenced by Social Media

SEO Influenced by Social Media

Search engines have begun to include content from social networks into their search results. Now, we also have Social Search where web searches also include relevant websites and relationships of an internet user. Google+ Your World.

This is a unique integration between Google search results and the Google Plus social network. When activated, the content that’s already been shared or received by your Google network will be a mixed with web results from multiple networks based on their relevance.

Bing Social Search. Bing has announced its latest search engine version; the results displayed are now integrated with a searcher’s social network. So if you search for a restaurant, Bing will also show you who among your social network friends have been there too so that you can ask them about the place. Bing has also connected with Quora, a question and answer site, which helps users get better access to information.

Facebook Social Search. When logged in on Facebook, you just can’t help but browse through the search tab, search for people, places and things. This will then give you results page of individuals, or even company pages, giving you a set of answers specific to what you’re looking for.

The three above mentioned social media networks have already enchanced normal SEO practice and have generated good results. On the next blog post, you’ll find out how to integrate your SEO strategy with your social media strategy.

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