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 The world of social media has its own ups and downs last year.  To give you a quick look back in the past, here are the highlights of social media revolution in 2014.

Roundup: Social Media Trends 2014

The Switch to Visual Social Media

Few of the major trends that hit 2014 were the proliferation of image-centric social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat which only shows the continued shift of web users to more visually enticing content compared to the beginning years of social media.

Micro-Video Sharing Platforms

Though YouTube has continued to make a big scene on the number of views per day, some brands have opted to micro-video platforms like Vine and Instagram which simplifies everything down to a 10-second video. The moral lesson of the story? LESS IS MORE.

G+ Still Deserves an Applause

Just when everyone thought that Google+ is on its way out, the world’s most popular Search Engine introduced G+ users to social signals and HTTPS encryption. This development gave a spark of hope to SEO experts and digital marketers who are struggling to boost their page ranking.

Second Attempt for the Social Media Limelight

While on the side, MySpace attempted to re-engage users but looks like it failed and Foursquare revealed its new logo and major transformation of its features. 

Hello Social Media 2015!                                  

Before we give our social media forecast, here are some figures that will make you convince why some social networks will remain dominant this 2015:

Social Media Status Today:

Social Media Info

These figures are expected to substantially increase as we count new days this 2015.

The Power of Social Media Adverts

As companies see more exciting ways to promote their products and services online, the social advertising trend from 2014 from where we saw Snapchat’s first ad, video ads on Instagram, auto-play video ads on Facebook and a wide variety of Twitter cards are expected to continue this year with new and enhanced features.

Mobile Revolution

Considering a worldwide mobile penetration of 93%, major social networks are expected to improve their mobile presence that can bring the most convenient service to their followers.

Twitter, as one of the most popular social networking sites has more than 80% of active users who accessed the site via mobile last year. This clearly indicates that Twitter’s new “mobile first” value proposition has been put into practice.

Privacy and Anonymity

“Nothing is kept private on the internet”- is this social media mantra still stands true?

Though the internet help us connect with the rest of the world through constant exchange of information, some internet users demand for anonymity that can help them set a fine line between what is worth sharing and what deserves PRIVACY.

With this sentiment, new platforms like Whisper, Ello and Facebook’s Private Messenger app features independent messaging rooms that can let you interact to a selected group of people without the rest of the world knowing.

On the positive side, these new applications can help users to protect their privacy and anonymity while still enjoying their presence on the internet community. But on a business perspective, this trend can cause a slight draw back as it can limit interaction between brand owners and consumers.

Social Video Marketing (SVM)

Social media experts define SVM through this formula:                                    

Social video= Social Media+ Online Video + Creative Marketing

Social videos  like Instavid, Vine, Snapchat and and Hyperlapse (Instagram’s standalone video app) are different from the traditional TV or radio ads in terms of style and execution. They are short, straight forward and use a lot of creativity to create a great impact to its audience without the need to spend a huge amount of money!

With these up and coming social media tools, it can really be hard to know exactly where to commit your time, effort and resources. Learning lessons from your past mistakes and lending ears to the ‘unheard’ sentiments of your audience can be a big help to draw up a successful social media marketing plan for 2015!

 Did you spot any ‘social media rising star’ for 2015 other than what we have mentioned on this article? Feel free to share your comments below!

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