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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 00:00

Why Invest on a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Why Invest on a mobile friendly website

A study conducted by Google and Ipsos OTX concludes that 81% of smartphone users around the world use their mobile phones for internet browsing. It is very possible that after a few years, more users will browse the web through mobile devices than PC’s.  Due to its demand and functionality to the increasing smartphone users worldwide, the digital online world has embraced the mobile optimized concept.  Businesses are now beginning to recognize the value of providing mobile web users with excellent browsing experience through a mobile-friendly responsive site.

We have put together a list of advantages on having a mobile optimized website that are worth considering:

Enhanced browsing experience.

The key elements of having a mobile friendly website are compatibility and convenience. Users use their mobile or handheld devices for browsing because they are handy and easy to use. They expect to make handiness count by browsing through a website that is accessible and WORKING on their devices. Mobile websites are specifically intended to give better user experience on hand held devices in terms of speed, usability and scalability.

Faster Loading Time.

Mobiles or handheld devices usually have slower connections; however, users are expecting sites to load as fast as they do on their desktops which is why mobile optimized websites are designed to load quickly while providing the same quality, functionality and security as s typical desktop sites does.

User engagement is easy.

User engagement is easier to push since you can always initiate interaction because of its mobile-specific features such as share, click to call, QR code scanning, mapping functions and a lot more.

Reach growing mobile audience.

Mobile devices are widely used because of their ability to immediatelybring online media as it opened the doors to constant connectivity and opportunity to connect with other users.Having a mobile friendly website helps lessen the barrier between you and your target audience and builds up your mobile presence as it opens up opportunities of being shared and be accessed by a wider range of target audience. With the increasing number of smartphone usage, mobile optimization has now become an important factor in building websites.

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