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Goodbye Boring Marketing Report! Hello My Favorite Scoop of the Month

Report presentation is one of the things that every marketing practitioner should know how to do well. Every client would certainly like to know how their marketing efforts are doing on a regular basis. It can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. But regardless of the frequency, the most important part of it is the way it was presented. It should provide all the information that the client would like to know in a clear and accurate manner.

One of the most common problems that many marketers fail to address is presenting reports that are straightforward and easy to understand. Instead of making the lives of their clients easier, marketers bombard them with loads of data that do not highlight the important factors and explain what the figures meant. As a result, a client would only feel frustrated since he could not understand what is being shown on the report making him dread the days when marketing reports are coming in for him to take a look at.

In order to avoid the scenario mentioned above, a number of pointers will be provided on this article as we move along. These pointers will help any marketer improve his report presentation skills and make each of his reports his client’s favorite scoop of the month!

BE CONSIDERATE, USE TEXT – While a table definitely provides detailed information about the report, it is not complete without using text as a way of explaining the meaning of the figures on the table. To avoid losing your client’s interest or attention when reading the report, make sure to include the appropriate text that explains what the figures are about.

BE SIMPLE, INCLUDE ONLY WHAT’S NECESSARY – While it is right to provide the client a detailed report about what has happened in the past month, bombarding your client with loads of tables and figures is not really necessary. Unless your client enjoys interpreting all the figures that he can get, it is best that you only highlight the most important part (HINT: what your client is most interested about) of the monthly report and present it to your client.

BE SMART, USE VISUALS – It is a proven fact that people are visual. If you show someone two different sets of report with report A showing just tables, figures and text and report B showing the same data but with graphs and other helpful visual materials, which one do you think will interest him more? Yes, that will be report B. Information retention is the main reason why the use of visual aids is vital to report presentation. Numerous research studies show that people are more likely to remember what they have seen if visuals were used when data were presented to them. Aside from that, using visuals also help draw the attention of a reader further to what is being presented to him. So if you want your client to continue reading the monthly report that you worked so hard on, make sure that you include in it eye catching visuals.

If every marketer will keep in mind the pointers presented above, presenting a simple but meaningful report to a client should be as easy as writing ABC.

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