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Thursday, 30 August 2012 11:50

Seven Tips to a Strong Sales Page

A good salesman earns customers approval through his sales talk. A good sales page generates money through good website content.

. A Sales page is the place where the online salesman and the customer first meet. It is a place where the clients make their decision regarding your product. A strong sales page can already persuade a prospect buyer by simply clicking on your website. Content, website design and an effective call to action button are just few essentials to keep the sales coming.

So where will the money come from? Here are simple tricks to attract your customers and of course that additional income you’ve always wanted.

1. Create a user friendly and time worthy page.  A confusing page can easily make your readers leave your site immediately. Make sure that you have a page which is easy to navigate. Don’t use profound words. Keep it clear and simple since you are trying to get a buying decision. Know your product and brainstorm for variety of ideas. Research on how your competition does it and make good use of that knowledge in creating a better content. Know the elements why other people subscribe to certain sites and apply it on your own.

2. Focus on price and product details.  Focus on the product that you are trying to sell to the user. Provide a detailed description of the product including why it is useful and how it can solve the problem. It is also convenient if you provide the price already for the users to decide right away if they should buy it.

3. Stop pretending. Some sites are promising that they can do this even if they can’t, in order for you to purchase them. This is not good. You may lose your customer’s trust that they will not purchase back on your site. State clearly that you put up this site with the purpose of selling items or services. Give them a little insight that you are hoping that they buy from you and recommend you to other people. You can also suggest what to buy because it answers their solutions but never force them to purchase it.

4. Avoid long texts; use graphics instead. You can engage more customers by providing a video, posters or images wherein they will not notice the length of their stay in your page because they are enjoying it. Some people are only scanning and hate reading; but with pictures it can clearly show what to expect from you and the products you offer. Visual elements in the sales page are more interesting than letters.

5. Write your P.S. If you got the right stuff. It would be easier for you to direct your customers to the call to action button. Don’t forget to sum up everything in your content and emphasize the benefits that they can get. Remind them also of the solution that directs to their problem.

6. Provide a risk-free environment. Guarantee your client that you site is not a spam or would cost them every time they click on it. Don’t push too hard to drive many readers who are not customers. Start with few targeted ones, and then offer what you can for them to build their trust in you.

7. Seek for testimonials and feedbacks. Many are interested if your customers have something to say. Sometimes they even ask how the products work and are interested on success stories. Find a way where your previous customers get results despite their hesitations. Through this your new customers will throw their worries away from your product. If you know what you can offer, it will be easier for you to write a lot about it. A good design is what captures your customers at first sight. But a good content can engage your clients to stay and make frequent visits on your site.


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