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Monday, 05 November 2012 15:03

Google Disavow: The Answer To Unwanted Links

The search giant Google announced a new feature that got webmasters really pumped up. For those having a problem eliminating those “unnatural backlinks” that drags down site rankings, this is exactly the tool you need.

The Google Disavow Link Tool finally offers a solution to clean site away from low-quality links that can harm the site’s rankings which, as we know it, is essential to visibility. And while some publishers and webmasters are celebrating the birth of this new Disavow tool, others are still in doubt about its capabilities.

Google’s “King of Spam”, Matt Cutts explained in his Pubcon speech that the tool is to be used with caution. While it may provide a big help to your site, it can also damage your site’s performance if you disavow good links.

BE VIGILANT When using the Disavow tool, be reminded of one thing, “Look before leap”.  While it can undo the damages that third party links are doing to your site, it is also possible that you might disavow good links and damage your rankings in the process. The best thing to do is to research the links and check their quality.  While this process takes a lot of time, it’s worth having it done.

IT DOESN’T SOLVE EVERYTHING While the Google Disavow tool may be the hot new savior on the block, it doesn’t guarantee 100% fix on your site’s dropped rankings. There are a lot of reasons why a site drops in the rankings. Evaluating your site is a good start. Find areas for improvement.

BE SMART, USE IT PROPERLY Don’t submit an entire domain unless you are very sure that it does you no good. If you are sure that the entire page is filled up with spammy content, then go ahead. If you are not familiar with the proper use of this new tool, the Google Webmaster blog gives a clearer explanation on how it works.

For further research, try to find out what links SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be disavowed and how to check link quality.

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