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GoDaddy is an IT services and software provider to millions of online businesses. Several news reports stated that it was hacked by a twitter user Anonymous Own3r. But GoDaddy claimed that it was a Distributed Denial- of- Service Attack (DDoS). DDoS means that a certain website will be overloaded with tons of communication request that it can no longer respond to traffic. Then it collapses afterwards. This is what happened to GoDaddy which led to thousands of company accounts web hosting to go down. Series of questions have been raised on how effective is GoDaddy in providing web hosting solutions to its thousands of clients and prospects? Will it ever bounce back from this dilemma? Whereas for us how do we choose a good web hosting company who can cater of needs? Here are some factors you can consider before choosing one: 1. Value for Money. Let’s admit it we usually go for cheaper options. It’s good and very practical. Some prefer expensive offers from well-known companies because they have this certain reputation. So where do we go? Go for: ✓   Starting package first ✓   Detailed features and services ✓   Warranty ✓   Areas of expertise 2. Technical Aspect. Even if you know less about technicalities always put in mind first what you actually need. Then browse on the company services and testimonials that have the same problem as you do and what solution has been provided to them. Know: ✓   Technical Specs and Limitations ✓   Technical Support ✓   Features/ Add-Ons ✓   Hardware they use ✓  Email Features  3.  Scalability. If you finally choose the plan for your web hosting; see to it that you can stay with it. It should be established and it has a room for growth. That means that it can answer your needs even a year from now. Because technology is changing every time. In that case, GoDaddy DNS Attack could have been prevented. They should know that any time that their network suffers they need a strong control of the situation. They need back up plans so that they don’t lose their clients. Posted by John Joe Morgan