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Get Site Traffic With Great Fold Design and Good ContentThe idea of being above the fold had crossover from newspaper to the Internet. Its goal is to catch the attention and interest of readers by placing the most important news on this part. The same goes for the Internet. This position is given to the most integral information about the company such as its name, feature, and social media like/share button. This is a part of a site users see first. It does not need to be scrolled down. Readers are said to stay more and read more when place on this part.  

It’s Okay to Go Low

But that doesn’t mean that being below a page cannot work. Today, many brands have adapted  the idea of scrolling down below the fold. With the creation of a mouse with a scroll ball, and smartphones, people have become accustomed to scrolling. Sites have become more flexible. They are able to change their resolution from a desktop or laptop monitor to a smartphone screen.Many studies have confirmed that more user engagement are generated below the fold. But with this scenario, the challenge of how to make sure the user continues on with reading the site until the end arises.

Keeping Up With the Engagement

There are two things that will make a person stay on the page longer. These are good content and beautiful design.

Yes, it may be tiring to hear the same thing over and over again. But having good content really works. Content really is the king. People are on the quick search for things. If the site is filled with nonsense drabbles then visitors are likely to go away at first glance. Avoid using the same old information. If it cannot be avoided, present it in a new way. By listening to what is being talked about in an industry and the latest trend in the world be it in the entertainment or fashion industry, content can be curated. Giving a new and refreshing take on a topic that has long been discussed using the same view.

Besides good information, having a good web design should be taken into account. Humans are visual beings. People are attracted to a great mixture of contrasting colors. With this in mind, many sites started using the Parallax scrolling which has been around since the 1940s. This is a computer graphic technique that creates an illusion of depth. The background moves slower than the foreground. Through this interactive fold design, companies are able to keep users engaged. Users are motivated to stay because something new happens with every scroll down. It gives a company the opportunity to share their story about their brand and product. Its design provides instant feedback from visitors.

So be sure to keep this in mind, by having the right blend of content and design, users are definitely going to stay longer on the site. This makes the engagement long lasting and memorable.  But remember not all sites need to have an interactive design. Be sure to evaluate one’s site first before changing anything. Sometimes, good and reliable content along with a simple design is all it needs.

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