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Filipinos from across income groups are now adapting to Internet and mobile usage. The Philippines became the texting capital of the world, surpassing in one day all the texting that is done in the European Community in only a year.  According to a study done by the Internet marketing research firm ComScore.com, the country is also the world’s fifth most engaged social networking community.  The study also found that Philippines is the fifth heaviest user of social networks  like Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the world, averaging 6.2 hours logged in per person.  Actually the Philippine figures could be higher, since the study did not measure traffic from busy access points, which are  Internet cafes and mobile phones. Philippines is a leader when it comes to Internet access,  Smart Communications said it served 8.3 million subscribers through its nationwide broadband and cellular networks. Also Smart Broadband, the company’s affiliate, serves over 1.3 million subscribers, while 7 million more access the Internet through Smart mobile phone subscriptions.  Reports in www.internetworldstats.com, stated that the country had close to 30 million Internet users. Another study conducted by Synovate showed an increasing percentage of Filipino users purchasing goods online.  The study also found that Filipinos access the Internet from their home for the upscale and older users or from an Internet cafe, mostly for younger and lower-income users.  The study noted that Filipinos  access the Internet mainly for communication and searching for information. The growth of Internet access in the Philippines presents a lot of marketing opportunities for local and international companies as well.  The Northern Officeis a marketing consultancy firm specializing in innovative marketing support for SME’s.  TNO provides an array of services like Sales support, Online Marketing, Social Media, etc.  The Northern Office can help you create an effective Online Marketing plan.  Contact us for details.
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