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Monday, 25 June 2012 13:27

Creative Ways to Engage Your Site Visitors

Developing your website is a complicated task. You have to make a good impression with everyone who’s going to visit your site.

From concepts to content and designs, managing a website takes a lot of work and you have to interact with your audience. It takes a lot of patience and time to make it appealing and engaging to the visitors so your effort won’t go waste. Here are some tips to make your visitors stay and make their visit worthy:  

Give them an UPDATE. This will be a good indicator that the site is active. Keep in mind that your status update should be timely and relevant. It leaves a big impact to the visitors if your content is useful. This is a good way to connect with your visitors by making them feel valued; a simple, clear and straightforward post can move your community in many ways.

Comment Box. Never ignore the fact that a comment box exists whether positive or negative give time to read and answer them nicely, take it constructively and improve if it calls for it. You share almost everything in the community, once they are in they can express their opinions and concerns which can make or break you but don’t take them for granted because these might be the ways on how your site can be successful.

Social Media. Almost everyone has their Social Network accounts. Don’t be afraid to boldly ask your visitors to add your business page on Facebook or your Twitter account. Give them a concrete reason why they need to add you and meet your Social Network community, this way you let them know how you deal with different people. Just be sure to make it clear and easy for them to keep your website in their sphere of on-going focus.

Email. Online Chat. Video Conferences. Technology offers no reason to reach out to your visitors aside from the benefits of getting to know them closer. This is also the best way to introduce who you really are behind your posts. This can develop trust and mutual friendship between you and your visitors. Keep it real and don’t be afraid to share ideas.

Bookmarking. It is usually taken for granted. Make your visitors come to you often by asking them to bookmark your site.

Offer something FREE! This will grab their attention. Just like game shows and promotions people keep coming until they earn their prize! Offer a simple coffee treat or maybe coupons, something that can drive more visitors to your site. Picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are really appealing; add a caption and that’s it. Humans are easily attracted by beautiful images but make sure they are appropriate and they convey what you want to express.  

At The Northern Office (TNO), we know the value of using proper techniques in engaging more visitors to our client’s website. Let TNO drive more visitors to your site. Call us at 045 499 1082 or drop your queries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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