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Tuesday, 26 June 2012 14:10

Curated Content is a Spin Off in Marketing

Content curation is a process where in you filter all the different information you find on the web and make use of them on your own site. Filtering content minimizes the time of searching through masses of tweets, blog posts or different news feeds. Content curation helps companies avoid mediocre web content by linking them with helpful and entertaining information. This allows you to attract more of the right kind of traffic to your site. The only problem withcontent curation is that it doesn’t drive people through their decision making process about your products and services. Here’s some things you can do to integrate content curation into lead generation. Think out of the Brand. If you cut too narrowly on your own product or topic, you may miss a chance to attract new audiences or to get engaged with an influencer just outside your sphere. Keep in mind that customers have very limited time, think beyond borders and add value to their lives and build relationship with them. Keep it fresh and Simple. The more relevant and high quality your content are the more value Google sees your website. Update your site 24/7 and keep the connection between your content. Find reliable Curation Sources. Twitter and Facebook streams are familiar so you can curate right away. Twitter services like Formulists make it easy to pay closer attention to people we engage with and RT frequently. Select few sources first and discover how it can broaden your reach. Cite Sources. There is no crime in curating content but don’t forget that they are not originally your ideas. Give credit to your sources and thank the people for their collaboration with you. Display Originality. Even if your content is curated, balance it out with original information. Don’t just rely on the ideas presented by the curated content rather improve the original content and express what you want to deliver in order to generate awareness of your own product. Customize yet Organized. Content curation is a way of using content marketing; it is built on targeting of specific persons. This can mean customizing content for a range of audiences that are quite technical or usually business focus. Ask for specifics, organize ideas and be straightforward. Content Curation can be a part of Content Strategy but don’t let Content Value Suffer. The Northern Office-Innovative Marketing uses relevant content to attract, engage and acquire audiences. For more information send your emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 045 499 1082.   Posted by John Joe Morgan

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