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Online audiences do not trust so easily. This makes online marketing a lot tougher especially for beginners who have no knowledge on how it works. Most high ranking pages were only able to develop their credibility after a long while trying to convince their online public. Establishing your online reputation takes time and a lot of patience and hard work.

So how do you start building authority and improve your existing one to get better visibility?

Start sharing lots of useful content. With the internet as cluttered as it already is, it is difficult to get people’s attention. There are many factors that may create distractions so your own content gets pushed aside and ignored. People in web have a short attention span so your headlines and first few lines must be attractive.

People intend to read only a few short sentences in your article before getting bored. Make it catchy and informative. Creating a short list of tips or writing in bullets is an effective strategy.

Learn as you go along.  Don’t pretend that you can offer solutions if you really can’t. As you share information, you should also always be in search of new information not only to share, but also learn. If you are not familiar with a topic, be honest and tell them that you’ll get back to them once you know it.

In internet marketing, if you want to be tagged as a reputable site, only cite what you know and what you can do to maintain harmonious relationship with your readers.

Have a professional website. Setting up a good website connects you to millions of readers. It gives you a chance to get potential clients as well. What content you put in your website will determine your authority with regards to a topic. Start by choosing a user friendly design, reliable information, credible links, call to action buttons and contact information. Remember that your site is like a resume or CV which can be a key for your success.

When introducing yourself to a huge virtual community of strangers, how do you build genuine trust? By being well informed and being able to easily share everything you know freely. You need not to hold back instead, be honest about it. Remember, it takes years to build your reputation but it only takes one minute to lose the trust of your readers.

Be informative and original!

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