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Why HTTPS is now creating a Buzz in Google Ranking?

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Authentication, Data Integrity and Encryption- these are the three specific areas that explain why Google is now encouraging HTTPS migration on websites.

Websites that will employ HTTPS do not only prevent wiretapping and other malicious activities but will now rank higher in Google as a result of the search engine’s long time effort to work with a more secured internet environment.

If you run a business website, compromising the privacy of your site is the least thing that you want to do knowing that there is an enormous amount of information and business intelligence that you need to protect.

On a recent blog post, Google explained that the HTTPS encryption will not only benefit webmasters through higher ranking but it can also help them to make internet a safer channel for information and communication.

"Beyond our own stuff, we're also working to make the internet safer more broadly. A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure. For instance, we have created resources to help webmasters prevent and fix security breaches on their sites."

 What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. If you wonder what is its difference with “http”, which is a primary communications protocol that allows web browsing and linking, HTTPS works with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) that indicates safe and secured internet transactions.

Before Google considered HTTPS as a ranking signal for websites, HTTPS has been used mostly by financial institutions and government sites that require highly secured and private web sessions.

How to check if Your Business Website Site is secured?

The first thing that you need to know is where to find the added security layer on your website or the “https” text or padlock icon.

The secured technology protocol “https”, appears as the first element on the URL (address) of the site found on the address bar (top section). This icon is usually used by web browsers such as Internet Explorer (IP) and Mozilla Firefox.

Another indicator that you are entering a secured site is a padlock icon usually found before the web address or URL.

These icons also serve as a warning device to web users who are about to make any ecommerce transaction on a certain site.

How can HTTPS Migration affect your Business Website and its Ranking?

Since Google stated that HTTPS is a ranking factor, SEO marketers and webmasters have felt the pressure to encrypt their own sites to HTTPS.

The good news about this transition is that Google will provide detailed instructions and tips on the proper encryption to make it easier to website owners and developers to understand the entire process.

Real Time Ranking Signal

Compared to Penguin and Panda algorithms, HTTPS ranking signal is real time. Meaning, once Google indexes your new URL as a secured site under HTTPS, you will immediately see a tiny boost on your ranking. It may not be as high as having high-quality content on your site, but, it can still affect your overall ranking algorithm.

As what the Google team stated:

"For now it's only a very lightweight signal - affecting fewer than one percent of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content - while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS.  But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because we'd like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web."

Google Boosts Ranking in a Per-URL Basis

Google’s HTTPS ranking signal will be on a per-URL basis. If you did not yet completed your website migration to HTTPS, Google will only acknowledge the pages with HTTPS URL when boosting your web rank.

The clear lesson here is, security is the main priority of Google when it promoted HTTPS as a ranking signal. If your site just wants to test out its benefits in terms of ranking, make sure you fully installed its encryption.

HTTPS Ranking Is a Standalone Signal

If you think that HTTPS ranking signal is just a part of Google Panda or other available algorithms nowadays, this is completely FALSE.

HTTPS ranking signal is an independent algorithm that works as a live algorithm that runs real-time (as mentioned earlier)

SSL Errors

Google also reiterated that SSL errors in Webmaster tools or search results are totally not related with the latest changes.

How can The Northern Office Get You There?

At The Northern Office,  security is also our priority.  We do not only build and design websites that can suit your target market but we defend your website from persistent threats, targeted attacks, malicious links, compromised websites and more with a proactive security protocol.

  • Frequent on-site and off-site backups – We employ server-based, onsite, and offsite backups to guarantee a 100% data recovery in case of emergency.
  • Infrastructure IP Penetration Testing- We evaluate the status of your IT systems and networks to check its compatibility before implementing new security procedures and system update.
  • IP Security Monitoring- This is critical to ensure that your IT security policies are applied effectively to protect your site from any form of online threat.
  • On Demand Web Application Assessment- Risk prevention is our key to keep our websites fully protected. We perform comprehensive and impartial evaluation of various applications before we apply and integrate them on our IT infrastructure.

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