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4 Technical SEO Ideas for Greater Online Visibility

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There are various ways on how to improve your search engine rankings. These days, online marketers are big on quality content and social media marketing. But at the end of the day, visibility boils down to one thing - Technical SEO. It is about ensuring the search engines can easily find and categorize every page of your site.

Here are four, helpful tips you can use to achieve higher online visibility.

Check for proper server response codes. Higher site ranking means knowing a little bit about server response codes. There is a long list of server response codes but you just have to know a few. You just have to make sure that your server is delivering a 404 for a broken link, a 200 for a page that’s fine, and a 301 for a redirect.  Server response codes show the process of finding and sending the file to the user went every time a page is requested. The same codes are sent back to crawlers so it is really important to learn to know these.

Get rid of duplicate content. Duplicate content negatively affects site quality and crawl efficiency that might eventually result to decrease in site rankings. You simply need to get rid of it. Duplicate content include multiple URLs pointing to the same page or very similar pages, printer friendly versions of content and session IDs. There are a few ways to correct this. Like for example, whenever a content on a website can be found at multiple URLs, it should be canonicalized (rel=canonical) for search engines.

Look for unreachable pages. You need to find pages that were not properly removed. This is to prevent people from stumbling on pages that you have already detached from the website. Yes, this is a tedious task that you must do.  One thing you can do is to search the server log files for every unique URL loaded over a 6-month period. Pages that you have blocked might show up in your log file even if they’re blocked.

Find spider traps. A spider trap is basically a series of links or pages on a website which cause search engine spiders to get caught in a loop creating an infinite number of pages which don’t exist on the site. This can cause you a problem on the indexing of your site. Such issue may happen when you have dynamic content on your website such as calendar or a dynamically generated web structure. Getting rid of spider traps is not only allowing search engines to index your site easily but also prevent GoogleBot from hitting files that has issues that may eventually crash your server.

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