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Search Engine Optimization of a Wordpress Blog

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SEO optimization of a wordpress blog can be tricky at first but becomes easier once you know the drill. You need to learn how to use any and all the features, plugins, and tools is highly recommended. A lot of newbie webmasters and blog owners make the mistake of trying to use pictures to make their sites attractive. This is good if such site is just an online album or a blog created for leisure with a very little significance.However, commercial, industry or corporate blogs require more than images. However, we are not discouraging you from adding photos into your site, as long as it has relevant link material and text. Remember, search engines aren't interested in how good your picture looks, but primarily with the content you add in your site and what you share with visitors. It is always best to be conscious of every word you write and publish on your blog because this is the criteria the search engines will use to track or evaluate your blog. Your primary aim of setting the blog is to share some certain information or knowledge with fellow internet users. It is then proper to take into consideration any act that will favorably bring more internet users to your blog or site. This will create awareness and relevant traffic to your blog. Search engines make use of relevant and target words when ever searching for sites. Good, relevant, useful, targeted and up to date content will make sure search engines will keep your website in the first page of search results. The first thing you should do is to put the most relevant information on the top f your blog because the search engines spiders may stop at the top and evaluate your blog based on their findings there. These search engines conduct regular keyword checks, content relevance, links and title text evaluations. Submitting your blog to search engines are usually performed free by some sites online but you need to constantly evaluate the results of these submissions. Blog directories are also advisable. Add your blog into these directories, but make sure that you have a catchy synopsis or a phrase that would attract any potential visitor and lure him or her to your blog. The above tips are basics and should be taken further by adding Meta tags to your site or blog. This helps to pronounce the theme of your site. You are now almost ready to explode on the internet. Set some realizable goal and try to learn how these tags works and the feeds that are available for your site.

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