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Email MarketingDigital marketing has evolved when social media came into the picture, so a question has risen: “is email marketing still important?”

Though many platforms are existing for digital marketing, the answer is yes. Yes, email marketing or email campaigns are still important. Here are the reasons why:


A person cannot create a social media account without an email, so yes, emails are still a thing today. Also, applications for email are available on smartphones, thus notifying them to read their email. When it comes to business too, emails are being used to transfer information. Business man talk via mail! So there are a lot of engagements in emails.


An email campaign keeps you in contact with your audience. Whether they be new market or previous customers. Email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed and updated about your products or services.


Once you sent out your email campaign, everyone in the list will receive it real time. You advertised directly to a target market. Unlike social media, not everyone you want to advertise to will see it. But do not get us wrong, social media marketing is also an efficient strategy. It’s just that email marketing allows targeted messaging to the target market.


Social media is not the only way to increase your brand awareness. Email campaign is also a way, just think of it, having a customer’s email address mean they showed interest in your business. That is why they subscribed and left their email address so you can send them updates about your products or services.


An email is a personal message, comparing it to an ad that is on Facebook. Also you can create the right message for the right audience. You can address your audience as a whole but still manage to make it sound personal. Use an approach in the correct fashion, give seasonal offers or give a discount to a customer who is celebrating a birthday.

But what if as a business owner, you are busy focusing on increasing your profit?

Too busy to customize emails?

Too busy to send out?

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email the best marketing tool

The Radical Group study  says that there are about 1.9 billion email users worldwide and is expected to rise up to 4.3 billion accounts by the end of 2016. The figure proves that email marketing is still the best way to effectively reach online customers compared with social media platforms. And with the increasing number of people in the email community, email marketing is still going to be the most preferred online marketing tool. We have listed some reasons why email is the best marketing tool for your business.

Email Marketing reduces cost. Email Marketing offers a cost effective way of getting in touch with clients and reaching new prospects. Unlike the typical marketing tools companies use everyday, email marketing saves up printing costs, mailing costs, ad space rates and phone lines cost.

Email Marketing is Target Focused. With Email Marketing, you can easily execute your campaign to a targeted public. By using your customer database, you are assured that your email campaign goes to the right people. When your campaign is targeted, relevant and is read by people who are most likely to respond in your campaign,this will definitely result to increased sales conversions.

Email marketing builds ongoing relationships with clients. With emails, companies can have frequent communications with clients.  You may choose to send them a weekly or monthly newsletter on offers, sales, new products or other announcements instead of mailing brochures and catalogs which are costly and have a low response rate.

Email Marketing is ECO-Friendly. Emails supports the green drive of a paperless environment. Instead of using flyers, brochures or catalog, companies use email marketing to reduce the print, paper and delivery costs.

Email Marketing is customizable. Your email campaign’s content can be customized depending on your campaign’s needs. You may choose to indicate the look and feel of your email newsletter so that it blends perfectly with your other marketing materials. Emails can be created in customizable HTML email, graphic based  or a simple text email.

Email Marketing allows easy tracking of user engagement. With email marketing, you can easily track the number of bounces, click through rates and unsubscribes. This could help you measure your campaign’s effectiveness and can assist you with your future campaign strategy.

The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing introduces the Compass Emailing System—an email marketing service that executes highly effective marketing campaigns for different clients worldwide. Click here to avail a 30 day trial. For more information on effective marketing campaign strategy, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (045) 499-1082 today. Posted by John Joe Morgan

E-mail is still considered the best way to reach a large number of people online. Online marketers still prefer the ability of email marketing to reach existing and potential customers in an effective and inexpensive method. However, the many advantages of email marketing also gave way to increased spam volumes. In a recent study by Return Path, an enormous growth on spam volumes drove Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to implement stricter filtering and email deliverability. That is why email marketers are working harder to maintain a higher sender reputation to decrease the chances of spam. Sender Reputation contributes to the business’ ability to deliver email to its customers. The Return Path study also reported that most legitimate businesses have lower sender reputations, averaging on 68% delivery rates with sender scores of 60-89. The 2012 Return Path Global Sender Score Benchmark Report showed (below) that among the trillions of emails being sent every year, majority of them are spam. There are three key components with which Sender Scores are calculated. 1.            Complaints. These are the percentage of recipients from an IP address that mark emails sent as “spam”. Complaints are considered the most important indicator affecting email deliverability. 2.            Unknown Users.  These are the percentage of emails sent from an IP address to non-existent or no longer active addresses. 3.            Spam Traps.  ISPs created spam Traps to catch spammers. The 2012 Return Path Report also revealed that:

  • Social networking, banking, retail and corporate services have the highest complaint rates. Those four were the only sectors that exceeded 3% complaint rates on average.

• Social network senders have the highest frequency of spam traps. • Social networking and gaming had the highest degree of unknown user rates. Recommendations: Your email deliverability reputation is important in reaching your customers online. Neglect it and you will fail establishing a good communications channel with your customers. You must remember that even if your emails are delivered, it doesn’t guarantee that all your emails are landing in their inbox. Below are some recommendations on how to improve your Sender Score. • Know your Sender Score. If you want to improve your sender score, you must first know what it is. Email Marketers could use Return Path’s tool, in order to assess sender reputation. • Reducing complaint rate. Email marketers should keep their complaint rates low. In order to do this, you could: a) sign up for feedback loops with your ISP(s) and; b) analyze your complaints to locate patterns of subscriber discontent. • Practice the basics of list hygiene. Organize and manage your lists. Remove unknown users, collect clean data and plan a win-back strategy to deal with inactive subscribers. Having said all this, email marketing and email campaigns can be a complicated task to manage and maintain because of the many different lists and email spam checks you need to make. The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing can provide you with solutions to ensure that your emails are filled with good content and are getting high open rates. For further information, email The Northern Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (045) 499 1082.

Posted by John Joe Morgan