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Inbound Marketing: The New Marketing Approach in the Digital Age Featured

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A recent study shows that 86% of people skip through TV commercials and this clearly illustrates how the digital age has changed the buying habits of consumers. Most consumers (including you) would prefer to check for the products or services they want on the internet than on any other advertising platform because this is the easiest way for them to find and review what they need.

Surprisingly, inbound marketing has something to do with this paradigm shift in the business world today!

So what is Inbound Marketing?                                                                                                          

Inbound marketing uses the internet as its primary medium to communicate with consumers.  It focuses on creating and sharing content that will attract prospective customers to check your website and induce them to try the products and services that you offer.

Inbound marketing requires the right content to be in the right place, at the right time in order to optimize the delivery of the desired information directly to your targeted consumers. To achieve this, you should understand your customers’ interests and behavior to make communication with them a pleasure but not intrusive.

With the proper execution of this modern marketing method, it can turn complete strangers into regular customers and promoters of your business.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Meet our two pals on this blog...

Mr. Inbound Marketer is a modern marketer who relies on earning people’s interest by creating and sharing engaging content on websites and through social media channels.  He also believes that it will  take more time and careful planning to get the attention of consumers than a 30-second exposure to your company logo on an advert.

Mr. Outbound Marketer uses “old or traditional marketing” approach to introduce products or services to customers.   Outbound marketing uses more conventional advertising tools such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. 

The Bottom Line

Inbound marketing has given an effective and easier method to consumers to find and research the products and services they need before buying them.

Inbound marketing is foreseen to progress in the coming years as costumers continue to flock to the internet and take advantage of the booming internet marketing industry.

We can help you create and implement inbound marketing strategies that can help you achieve growing sales numbers at a lower cost-per-lead.  The Northern Office combines Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM) and Content Curation to help your brand reach a wider range of target customers.

Contact us at (+6345) 499 1082 or visit our site at www.thenorthernoffice.com to get more insights on how we can help you with your inbound marketing needs.


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