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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 13:15

New Year, New Look For Your Business

New Look for your business

This New Year, have you ever thought of giving your website a new look or a makeover - a better online presence maybe. With a “new” you, prospects may find you interesting to read and look at, but the truth is they have been your regular visitors since your website was launched. You just gave them something exciting to look into. How do we do it? Again, you’ve got yourself a New Year treat from us. As online marketing specialists, we do everything and anything we can to help our clients and future clients achieve their goals.

Here are some tips we’d like to share with you:

1. Read your content carefully, all over again. Your website traffic depends on the viewers that go to your site. And why would they go to your website? Because you have the information they are looking for. If you are into analytics, you can check the bounce rate of your site’s traffic. The lower it is it just means your content is A-Okay! But if it is more than 60%, better read through your content, it might not just be working.

2. Visualize your business’ future, do some visuals. Most website earns higher ranks in search engine ranking pages because of interactive images found in each of their web pages. Yes, websites depend mostly on content, but images and visuals do help a lot in making your website “popular.”

3. Be mobile-friendly. Remember the Online Marketing trends of 2012 that we’ve shared from our previous blog? Most websites continue to innovate, and make sure that your website is already designed to be mobile friendly.

We at The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing  do redesign websites from scratch. We do not only focus on internet marketing alone, we also strategize for your business. We make sure that your website will help you generate profit, not in an instant – but in a dramatic way. To know more of our services, call (045) 499-1082 and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to avail our free consultation.