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Thursday, 29 November 2012 15:32

Building Online Authority through Off-Page SEO

How do popular websites get more links or referrals from other popular sites? This is where Off-Page SEO comes in.

The number, quality and relevance of links to your website can actually enhance your SEO authority and will then create impact in your search result ranking. Basically, Off-Page SEO means getting more links in any way possible, but now, it should focus on earning more links through different channels from note-worthy websites.

Results will be better if you earn more links because of your unique content or special product/service. The way you expand your online reputation is to get people talking about your brand and how they use your content as a reference.

Content marketing still drives the off-page SEO optimization. The content itself is used to earn more links from other websites. You should create content which is unique and relevant and targeted to your market. Useful, informative and convincing content will bring you great chances that someone might find it valuable and then link to it. It must be original, and can eventually provide a solution to a problem, or even answer a question. It must also be easy to share on various social networks.

Co-Marketing also drives off-page SEO, it’s a partnership between two or more companies in which they market each other’s content, products and services, also with guest posting, wherein you also have access to another company’s leads, prospects and even their social network where you can also increase your reach.

Lastly, Social Media and PR can also bring great results to your SEO efforts. Through Social Media, you can get more links, by sharing in social media networks, forums, blog comments and have real conversations. Also, an effective PR’s content should also improve the brand’s organic search engine results. After Off-Page SEO, it’s time to know a little bit more about Building Links – the right way, and why does Search Engine even care about them?

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