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Why Some Websites Are Unsuccessful

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Why Some Websites Are Unsuccessful

Building a successful website is not as easy as putting something out there, hoping for search engine robots to crawl them and everything else runs smoothly. A website’s potential to be successful starts from the planning phase. From the time that a company decides to have a website, we always recommend a careful analysis and strategic planning based on what they want and what their business needs.

Here are some of the common reasons why websites fail to gain revenues.

Website is built without proper planning

Some websites are built without any strategic objective or only exist to serve as an online brochure to customers.While there is completely nothing wrong with that, it is sad to know that some businesses are missing out huge opportunities of being able to generate business leads and provide improved service to customers with their websites.

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Everything starts from planning. Understanding what the people would seek in a website is a good head start. Business owners should take advantage of their website’s ability to improve their business and customer service.

Poor SEO

Nothing is worse than having a website with poor or completely no SEO—it’s just pointless.  Good SEO is what brings a website out there. It improves the prominence of a website or webpage in search results that helps gain exposure and leads. SEO plays a crucial role in internet marketing and many companies are now realizing its worth. SEO is an investment and when done right, it gives great returns. Understand more about SEO, its application and how it builds online presence, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lack of content

content marketing

Failing to place updated content leaves an implication that a company is delivering a poor, low quality or outdated information. This usually drives people away and could drag website rankings down. Content management is necessary to ensure that a company constantly gives out fresh information about their latest products, services, news and other promotions. Most businesses also make use of effective content marketing strategies to reach desired audiences and pulls in potential customers.

Poor design

Web design is not about how business owners want their website to look; it’s about how their customers will use it. A well-designed website is not only about having sophisticated graphic elements but also having user-friendly properties such as right navigation placement, neat and functional design.

No Social Media

Not having at least one active social media outlet is unhealthy for businesses most especially if they aim to generate leads and revenue from their websites. Social media helps a business reach a wider number of people, gain loyal visits and build networks. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are helpful when it comes to announcements and promotions while LinkedIn is the best channel to look for a more niched and professional network. Ignoring Geo Targeting Geo Targeting is a method of setting up a website's intended audience by specifying its target geographical areas. Geo Targeting helps businesses drive online local traffic and also allows business owners to add target centric content in their website. For example, if someone based in the Philippines is on one webpage with a specific geo-targeting set,  he will only be shown content that are targeted to the Philippines or have no targeted set. Ignoring Geo Targeting decreases a websites potential benefits such as increased conversion rates and ROI. It could also result to confused searchers, angry customers and even  lawsuits.

Unresponsive customer support

Having a good website is meaningless if good customer service is not given. They can deny it but some companies lose a lot of money because of a single unanswered call. The purpose of having a ‘contact’ section in a company’s website is to make it easier for people to reach them. If the company fails to give a prompt response, people will more likely resort to the competition. A company should always give attention to how they handle communication with their customers. That way, they are not only giving people a reason to come back but they are also making their company deserving of referrals.

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