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Website Traffic Generation

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Regardless of whether your web site has just gone live or has been online for a significant period of time proactively generating traffic to your web site is imperative. Build it and they will come is not an option, the Internet is much to populated with competing web sites, online games and Social Networks to site back and wait for your web site visitors to arrive. In today’s highly competitive environment it has become absolutely necessary that you use all the tools available to your business to drive traffic to your web site. And this does includes off-line methods as well.

  1. Organic Search Optimization - Organic SEO cannot be overlooked, the advantages are many and not isolated to generating Organic Search traffic. Many of the processes of Search Engine Optimization are usable in other aspects of traffic generation tactics, primarily keyword research. It also provides an indication of the most popular terms used to find your product and services which can be used as attention grabbers in Social Media discussions, Tweets and Forums.
  2. Social Media has the potential to drive significant volumes of traffic to your web site. The options to drive traffic to your web site using Social Media are primarily Social Networking, Social Recommendations / Bookmarking and Micro Blogging using the services of Twitter, and these are just the beginning there are numerous other Social Media Tools which are capable of assisting you to bring significant volumes of visitors to your web site who have a pre-recognition of who you are and what you offer, which is a contributing factor to increasing the actual conversion rate of your web site.
  3. Search Engine Marketing most certainly has its’ place in the traffic generation mix. Sure only a small number of Internet users click on Paid Results but take into account monthly search volumes of some high popularity keywords and this can account for a significant number of targeted visitors to your web site.
  4. Don't forget how businesses were promoted before of the Internet marketing become popular. These methods in many cases are still effective and with the huge popularity of mobile devices can be leveraged in locations not previously considered as an outlet for promoting your web site.

In Summary Web site traffic generation includes, but are definitely not limited to the above mentioned tools and methods. Be innovative and continually changing when it comes to your marketing content, marketing strategy and marketing approach.

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