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SEO Now On The Rise

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is certainly growing.  According to many experts, many people use search engines for simple navigation.  If not for SEO, the search engines would not have existed. Nearly 80% of Internet traffic today begins at a search engine. Everyone  searches their favorite and most wanted articles and information through search engines.  

SEO growth factors in the past 16 years:

  • 1993- Netscape Navigator was launched
  • 1994- Excite and Lycos launched
  • 1995- Internet Explorer, Infoseek, Yahoo’s Opentext partnership and Altavista launches.
  • 1998- MSN makes a debut in search with inktomi.
  • 1999- Altavista loses so much ground to Google that it changes tack then fades from the limelight.
  • 2000- Google Toolbar becomes available allowing SEO’s to sees their PageRank.  Google Adwords was also launched.
  • 2002-  Adwords re-launches and works much better, becoming the most popular paid search platform.
  • 2003-  Google changes its algorithm to combat web spam
  • 2005- no follow tags are created as a means to combat spam.
  • 2006- XML sitemaps allowed webmasters to display to the search engines.
  • 2009- Google released an update called “Caffeine” which improved the speed of indexing.
  • 2010-  previous factors has resulted in the quality of websites today and the Internet itself.

The overall growth of SEO along the years has affected everyone, it has made things easier for people.  It has opened up doors for Online Businesses. The Northern Office is a marketing consultancy firm specializing in innovative marketing support for SME’s.  Need help in generating more traffic to your websites? Contact TNO now.  

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