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Points to Remember when Editing in WikipediaIt is a fact that nowadays, one of the most turned to sites when gathering information is Wikipedia. It has become the modern encyclopedia of many where almost any kind of information can be found. What makes Wikipedia unique is that it is an open source of information.  This basically means that any individual can create a Wikipedia page or edit an existing one provided that the individual follows the set guidelines prepared by Wikipedia. For today, we are going to talk about the things that you can and cannot do when editing a Wikipedia page. Knowing the things that you can control and finding out what are Wikipedia’s restrictions when editing a page will definitely help you have a successful edit. You CAN… ✓  Make minor corrections such as grammar and spelling ✓  Paraphrase a poorly written article without changing the main thought and preserving its neutral tone ✓  Improve the format of an existing article ✓  Update or correct existing information such as company’s location, CEO of the company, info graphics and latest acquisition ✓  Add important recent events related to the subject like the successful launch of a new product or the birth of a royal child ✓  Report or flag possible vandalisms ✓  Provide good and reliable references to already existing information especially to pages that do not have enough citations You CANNOT… ✕       Delete existing information on the Wikipedia page on your own but you can request Wikipedia administrators to do so. However, put into mind that requesting a page to be deleted will have to undergo the Wikipedia due process first to find out whether the page does need to get deleted or just needs improvement. ✕        Upload images that do not meet the copyright guidelines of Wikipedia. Actually, you can but then again, it will not take too long before such image gets deleted by the Wikipedia police. ✕       Provide content that does not have any citation because chances are, that entry will be removed in just a matter of time due to lack of good reference.   Up next is a follow up entry that will talk about suggestions that you may want to take into consideration when editing a Wikipedia page. Stay tuned! The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing is a company that provides free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s. If you want to know more about content marketing and other marketing services like the integration of Wikipedia on the SEO needs of a client, do not hesitate to contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan

Can You Use Wikipedia in SEO?

Whenever this question is asked by a client, an SEO expert will most likely answer a BIG yes. Although not all SEO professionals will agree that Wikipedia can be used in SEO, there are a lot of experts who do agree and think that integrating Wikipedia in their SEO plans for their clients is effective, when done in the right way of course.

So, How Can One Qualify for a Wikipedia Page? If one is going to research about how to create a Wikipedia page, he will find out that Wikipedia has created a very high standard that every topic or entity has to meet in order for it to gain a Wiki page. The main qualification that needs to be met in order for a topic or an entity to be approved of a Wikipedia page is its “notability”.

This simply means that a topic has already been covered significantly by various trustworthy sources making that topic worthy of a page. In addition to that, another Wikipedia qualification is that the page should not be created by any party who has a conflict of interest such as an individual who wants a page about himself or any representative of a company who is tasked to write about his company.

This is because the main goal of Wikipedia is to produce high quality information that is neutral in tone and in no way biased or sounding like a discreet advertisement.

It’s Okay if You Do Not Qualify for a Wikipedia Page as of the Moment Since not all entities can right away qualify for a page, the best way to penetrate Wikipedia is to edit existing pages that are related to the client’s nature of business.

When editing existing pages, just make sure that only new and verifiable factual information related to the topic at hand is being provided because including unnecessary information that may be deemed by Wikipedia editors as inappropriate and promotional in form will most likely be deleted once discovered.

So Where Does SEO Come In? It is all about the links. After contributing significant amount of new information to already existing Wikipedia pages, there are two routes that an SEO expert can choose from to boost his client’s Wikipedia presence.

One is to participate in the Talk page of the community where his client’s area of expertise belongs. He can post his client’s link in the forum and let other Wikipedians decide if the link is worth adding on the reference section of the Wikipedia page or not.

The other route is that the SEO expert will do the referencing on his own in the hopes of getting organic hits from Wikipedia readers while bearing in mind not to abuse reference linking to avoid getting tagged as spams. Successfully including a link on the reference section of a Wikipedia page is an effective tool to drive interested readers to learn more about the client (or his products/services for that matter).

In closing, using Wikipedia can either make or break a client’s reputation since Wikipedia was created mainly and solely for information dissemination purpose and not for marketing or promotion. That is why it is important to understand first how Wikipedia works in order to fully use its capability as an effective SEO tool.

Do you have further questions about SEO?

The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing is an innovative marketing company that provides SEO services to all interested clients and not only that! TNO also offers free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s. You can email us your inquiries such as your extra questions about SEO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at (045) 499-1082 and we will definitely get back to you ASAP.   

The basics of a winning press releasePress Release (PR) may just be one of the many ways that can help improve the web visibility of a company but when done right, one PR could already change the fate of that company. That is why it is important for every company to realize the impact of writing a winning PR. There are several important aspects that every PR should have in order to gain a big amount of readership and even engage its readers to interact with one another creating more and more buzz about it. Hard to Miss Headline The first aspect that every winning PR has is a spot on headline or an attention grabbing title. Let us admit it, there is a reason why the headline is called well, “headline”. This is because the headline is the first thing that a reader will see and more often than not, a reader will already decide if he’ll continue reading the article or not right after he has read the headline. Engage Readers Word Per Word Another aspect that every winning PR has is high quality content. In order to catch the attention of the readers, it should contain accurate and factual information that are fresh, exciting and engaging. The main reason why a company sends out a PR to the news media is to let the community know that they have something new and important to share. So every company should make it a point to avoid sending out PRs that contain information that readers already know or news that are dishonest and misleading because it will only hurt the credibility of the company. Credibility is Key Citing remarks and recommendations from well trusted professionals in their fields is also an aspect that every winning PR should never miss. Readers will even be more convinced on what is written on the PR if it is backed up with remarks from highly credible people or organizations in that field. Just a quick example, a reader will most likely believe more a PR about the latest computing software that has a number of well-known and reputable computer software engineers sharing their thoughts about the software than a PR that says so many great and unique features of the latest computing software without any expert in that field vouching for the product. Branch Out Lastly, a winning PR does not only focus on being launched alone using various media channels. Instead, a winning PR also gets disseminated to the target community or to the existing network of the company. The logic behind this move is that even though the news media has a wide range of audience, a company that has a solid network already has most of the readers it needs to tap. Having said all that, I would just like to remind everyone that I am not saying that writing a winning PR will surely make a company’s web visibility change drastically overnight every single time. Yes, there are companies that did succeed in changing their fate online in just a small amount of time thru their winning PRs alone but those are just very rare instances. The way to the top definitely takes some time and requires hard work but sending out PRs that have rich and exciting new contents will definitely boost any company’s web visibility. Are you now wondering who can provide you all your PR needs? The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing provides PR assistance as well as SEO services to all interested clients and not only that! TNO also offers free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s. You can email us your inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan    

Of PRs and SEO Articles: Quality Will ALWAYS Be Better Than QuantityWeb visibility is definitely the main goal of any company or individual who would like to make it big on the internet. These days, two of the most effective ways to do just that are to create press releases (PRs) worthy of media attention and SEO articles that are mind engaging. A Press Release (PR) in simple terms is a piece of fresh and factual information that is being forwarded to different media outlets to help spread the word about it. An SEO article on the other hand is a written piece of knowledge that talks about a concept or an idea that is related to the main product or service of a company. The main difference between a PR and an SEO article is that a PR is solely centred on facts and that an SEO article can be based from facts or it can be based from opinions usually from a professional in that particular field or it can be both. However, one of the mistakes that most companies do is to bombard their readers with lots and lots of articles and press releases that do not really have engaging contents making those entries a total waste of web space not to mention a waste of time, energy and effort both from the writers and the readers. Just like the old saying, “quality over quantity”, it is much better and absolutely much wiser to create one well written PR or one knowledge-rich SEO article than posting dozens of poorly researched articles and misleading PRs. A PR that contains exciting and important developments about a specific product will definitely catch the attention of that product’s target web community. However, a PR that contains pretty much the same content or little to no new information about a particular service will only bore its target market and may even be tagged as a spam. Moving forward, an SEO article that is loaded with fresh, well explained and engaging concepts will definitely make the readers hooked and looking forward to future write ups. Nevertheless, a substandard SEO entry that contains useless or redundant or worse, plagiarized content will not only turn off the readers but more importantly, it will tarnish the credibility and reputation of the company involved. Companies should not get scared or worry too much if they do not have a lot of articles and PRs to send out to the online community regularly as long as they make sure that they send out a well-researched, neatly presented, honest, engaging and accurate write up every now and then.  Hopefully, more and more companies will start to realize that one write-up that contains a neatly written and attention grabbing news can beat a bunch of articles that contain nothing but a string of words that make no sense at all any day. Do you already have an incredible team that is working on creating fresh and exciting PRs as well as high quality SEO articles for your company? The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing is a company that provides just that and even more! TNO also offers free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s/ You can email us your inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan

Cook Up Your Marketing Campaign the Right Way!

An awesome marketing campaign is without a doubt one of the main ingredients of a successful business. An enticing marketing strategy will definitely keep loyal customers coming back for more and convince newbies to try out the product or service that is being offered.

Slow Cooking Makes Every Dish Tastier! Creating lasting and effective marketing strategies take time. It is normal for any business entity to hope to see positive results as soon as possible. However, when it comes to the marketing aspect of a business, it is VERY important to plan and analyse the different marketing techniques available thoroughly first before selecting the most applicable strategies for the business.

The research and selection process may be slow and can at times be agonizing but just like in slow cooking, the longer the dish is cooked, the tastier and tender it gets making it worth the wait. Simply speaking, the more time you spend on studying and finding out the best marketing strategy for your business, the most likely you will get the perfect tactics that will fire up your business’ visibility.

Instant Food Does Not Mean Healthy Food Just like food, anything that is instant may be appetizing and appealing but its effect in the long run is neither substantial nor healthy at all. The same thing goes with marketing strategies. There are tactics that can produce promising results in just a short period of time like the instant noodle soup that you can already enjoy after waiting for just 3 to 5 minutes upon pouring hot water on it.

However, no matter how promising the outcome may be, those kind of marketing techniques are usually short lived and are not cost effective in the long run. That is why it is best to stop thinking about short term results which is typically seen anytime between two to three months, and instead think about the outcome of a marketing strategy at least after six months from its launch.  

Spice Things Up! Be bold and brave! Experiment! It is okay to use traditional marketing methods that are proven effective time and time again. However, those methods are also case to case basis so do not get disheartened if one strategy did not work out for the best. What worked for company A may be useless to company B.

There are still other ways! Find the right spices that will make your marketing approach perfectly seasoned.

More Ingredients Does Not Necessarily Produce a More Scrumptious Dish At times, the simplest dish with the least number of ingredients could be the best tasting dish one has ever had. The same thing goes when it comes to marketing techniques. It is NOT all about traffic. What use is a site that is generating a huge amount of traffic if it is not getting converted to sales. Marketers should focus instead on targeting the right audience even if it may mean a smaller amount of traffic.

Moreover, bombarding a website with loads of content does not necessarily mean that it will increase the visibility of the company. A simple website that contains all the right information can easily win the hearts of its target customers.

Are you still on the lookout for the perfect team who can help you cook up the best marketing campaign for your company? Contact us!

The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing is a company that provides free consultation and assistance to companies including finding out the right marketing campaign for their clients. Do not hesitate to contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (045) 499-1082 if you would like to know the marketing techniques that we can cook up for your line of business. 

Learning SEO

Last week, we talked about writing an effective content. It was mentioned that a good, targeted content will make your website worthwhile reading. Today, we will continue with our course by discussing another key role in effective marketing—SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply speaking, SEO is a method of increasing the ranking of your website in a search engine and in turn, increasing the number of people viewing your website content. When a person searches for particular word on Google or Bing, a list of web results appears that may be related to the word or phrase you searched for.

However, not all websites will be seen; only those with proper SEO will rank better than the others. Of course, the higher the rank of the website is, the more chances that it will be noticed. With proper SEO techniques, you can also draw a lot of traffic into your website. Here are some tips on how you can accomplish that.

1. Research for appropriate keywords This is the most important of all the points that will be given. Finding appropriate keywords requires more than just thinking—it involves research. There are several sites that can help you find effective keywords needed in optimizing your website.

Some of these sites are Google Keyword Tool, WordTracker and WordStream. Always keep your customer in mind. As we mentioned in the past posts in this blog, view the world through your readers’ eyes.  Ask questions like: What are the keywords they would commonly use? Have I put enough keywords? Is there a better keyword than this?

2. Check what a crawler sees in your site Google has “spiders” crawling on the web. These spiders follow links from one page to another and index everything they find on the way. The spiders look for words and expressions on the page and assign them to particular keywords.

When a person searches for a keyword, the words indexed by the spiders will appear in the search engine results. If you optimize the website effectively, it would be easier for the spiders to classify your pages correctly.

If you don’t, the spiders will just crawl and index ineffective words not actually sought by people. It should also be noted that  JavaScript and password-protected sites are not seen by the spiders so better not put TOO MUCH of those.

3.  Check your websites’ efficiency It would be irritating for the customer’s part if he clicks the site and finds out that it has errors (302, 400, 404, 500 HTTP status codes).  Why not try using Screaming Frog and OpenSiteExplorer to identify problems in pages.   Also, it would be better if you make content easily accessible.  Content that can only be accessible after logging in won’t drive traffic to your website.

4.  Aim for more Click Throughs Your aim should transcend beyond getting an increased ranking; your aim has to be getting potential customers enter your site. Even if your website has high ranking, that would be worthless if the potential customer won’t click it.

You can achieve this by testing your title tag. Page titles will usually appear as part of the search results. Make sure that the title tag is concise, descriptive and has accurate keywords. With proper SEO knowledge, you no longer have to spend much just so you can have your business noticed.

As one writer says, “Every business with a website has the potential to get found by more customers online through search engine optimization.” Keep visiting us to learn more ways about managing your business. For the next blog, we’ll have the final part of this blog update so don’t miss it.

The Northern Office is an innovative marketing company that provides free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distibution for SME’s. If you want to know more about content marketing and other marketing services, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan

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Effective Marketing 101

Marketing Tips

Welcome to Effective Marketing 101! The objective of this three-part blog update is to help give you tips on how to build your business through effective marketing. The lesson for today focuses on making an effective content.

Imagine yourself holding a magazine. As you open it, you see nothing but uninteresting images, unintelligible articles, and useless information.  What would you do? Keep it?

No. Like most people, you would just probably throw the magazine away and find something worthwhile reading. So, what makes a magazine or an advertisement worthwhile reading? Simply, it is the content. However, it has to be good, targeted content.

The content speaks for your website, for your products or your services. Beneficial, interesting, and excellent content can effectively help you woo customers to your business.  Let us look onto some tips that can help you create a better, targeted content.

1.  Understand the purpose of making content Always remember that content writing is different from storytelling. You are not making content just to amuse people; you are making content to make your audience respond to your business. Ann Handley, CCO at Marketing Profs and co-Author of Content Rules provided useful questions that can be used in writing effective content.

  1.  Who is this for?
  2. Why are we creating it?
  3. What do we want them to do?
  4. What do we want them to offer?
  5. What do we want them to do after that?
  6. Where will this go?

2.  Understand who your audience is While you should view the world through the customers’ eyes, it is still not good to write for a general audience.

“Content that appeals to everyone appeals to no one,” as Jay Acunzo, Director of HubSpot’s Content Team said. Have a specific target audience in mind and focus on their needs.

3.  Add new media to enhance your content One way of enhancing your content is by adding videos or pictures. A study at 3M Corporation reveals that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Another study says that the human brain can immediately comprehend image elements. So make use of available photos and videos.

Also, incorporating social media can better your content. It can be appealing if you create groups and discussions about your business that can be “Liked” or “Followed.” These are some points to help you improve your content.

Writing content is a process. It’s a process of continuously understanding your audience and your business and keeping up with day-to-day changes and trends. As Jay Baer, the founder of Convince and Convert said “The goal isn't to be good at content; the goal is to be good at business because of content.” Next time, we will discuss about Search Engine Optimization or SEO and give you some ideas on how to use it effectively.

The Northern Office is an innovative marketing company that provides free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distibution for SME’s. If you want to know more about content marketing and other marketing services, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan

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Why Good SEO Pays Off

SEO techniques are classified into the following categories: White hat, Gray Hat & Black Hat.

In this article, we’ll be explaining how each one uses a particular factor in the process of search engine optimization and what results do they give to your website.  You will also be able to understand how each of the techniques work and why a good SEO technique is still best for your website. Let us start by defining the three.

SEO techniques are represented by colors – not that they wear real colored hats but the colors determine the purity of your site based on search engines’ SEO terms and conditions.

White Hat – White hat is a SEO technique that follows Google’s SEO standards and uses ethical and professional methods to optimize a website to improve ranking in search results. White hat generally aims to create a well coded website and achieve long term results.

Grey Hat – Grey hat is a mixture of both white hat and black hat SEO. It does adhere with search engines’ SEO rules but slightly bends them to get faster results and has lesser chance of being penalized.

Black Hat – Most SEO experts regard this as an illegal approach of optimizing websites. Black hat SEO uses manipulative methods that results to extremely quick but short term results. Plus, some websites with Black Hat SEO’s are being penalized by being banned from search engines. Now that you have a slight idea of what these techniques are, take a look at this infographic to differentiate each technique’s quality and methods involved.

good seo

You now probably have an idea what each technique can provide your website.  The big question is why choose good SEO when you could actually go for other methods with faster results? While some companies resort to shady methods of SEO in order to rank, white SEO is still considered the most and only advisable way of generating traffic.

White SEO is guaranteed 100% safe from risks and other damages that unlawful methods can do to your website.

White hat SEO may probably take a long time before achieving results, but you’d be surprised with how the hard work  and time is worth your investment.

Learn how you can get a healthy SEO ranking.

Need help with your SEO? Tell us how we can provide assistance. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at (632) 499-1082 for a free consultation. For years, The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing Support has been providing professional and legal SEO services for different companies across the globe and in the Philippines. TNO has been creating, developing and managing effectively ranking websites that complies with search engines’ SEO standards. For more information on TNO’s services, visit 

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Seven Website Design Rules

Website Design Rules


While a good content strategy is very important in audience engagement, we shouldn't neglect the necessity of design. Elements like the layout, content, font, colors and positioning also contribute to how your visitors will make decisions. If you’re planning to have your website redesigned, this article can help you make better and effective design decisions.

Below are seven design rules for building effective websites:

). Keep it simple. Cliché but it is the golden rule of every design. A cluttered look simply won’t work.  Don’t overpower your website’s essential information with too much information. Just make the important ones visible.

2). Easy Navigation is a must. The idea is to make it easy for your visitors to find their way around your site. Online visitors’ patience is short. If they don’t like what they see or if they can’t find what they like to see, they leave. A good website design should always present a way to keep online visitors on the site.

3). Be consistent. Consistency shouldn't only involve content but also design. Don’t confuse your visitors by having one part of the page work differently to another. Consistency will always make navigation easier for your visitors.

4). Don’t neglect the power of colors. Colors contribute a huge impression on your website.  Picking the wrong combination can either weaken your website's visual impact or hurt your visitors’ eyes. It is best to get professional help in choosing the right and consistent color palettes.

5). Pay attention to heat maps. Heat maps are color coded indicator of a website’s “hot areas” or parts where the visitors’ eyes or attention usually lands. Heat maps help you determine the strongest and weakest part of your page. Taking advantage of the hot areas of the heat maps can improve your site’s usability and visibility.

6). Be keen with details. Visitors should have a good impression on your website. A well designed website also means having good quality elements—graphics, photos , CTA’s, fonts used, media and content. Always give your visitors a reason to trust your website.

7).  Make sure it’s error free.  Always check for errors. Good coding will always make navigation and loading easier. Always make sure that your coding is SEO optimized and content is keyword rich.

Clean, easy and concise describes a good website design.

The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing Support has created clever website design strategies for different companies within Asia and Europe.  For  inquiries on website design or re-design services, call at  (632) 499-1082 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.';document.getElementById('cloakfe8442e209b05189b89f61365e63acae').innerHTML += ''+addy_textfe8442e209b05189b89f61365e63acae+'<\/a>'; for a free consultation. 

Ten things your website should have

A good website accomplishes a company’s marketing goals and objectives.

Whatever kind of business you have, when it comes to developing your website, you have to make sure that it contains all the important elements that helps make your products or services are reachable to your visitors. We have listed 10 important elements that should be on your website.

If you are planning to have a website set up for your business, this article would help you understand the important key elements that all top-ranking websites have.

1.) Easy Navigation.  The purpose of your website’s menu is to make it easier for your visitors to go about your website. Website navigation must highlight the substantial components of your products and services in a neat, visible and categorized manner.

2.) Neat Design.  It is best to go for neatness, conciseness, good functionality and simplicity when it comes to website design.  Read the article Seven Website Design Rules to learn some tips on building a nicely designed website.

3.) Optimized Content. Content is the primary and most important key element in a website as we know it. Content builds your business and it is the prime reason why your visitors stick around. If you want to increase your website’s chances of getting indexed by search engines, make sure that you put in optimized content that involves the appropriate keywords and key phrases for your website. Read the article on Content Strategy for tips on content creation.

4.) Optimized Images. Imagery appeals to the eyes and they help sell your products and services.  However, robots can’t index images. The best thing to do is put in alt tags so search engines can read them.

5.) Contact Details. One of the essential information that all successful websites should have is contact details. If your visitors are interested with your services but can’t find any means to get in touch with you, they’ll probably look for something else and maybe end up going for the competitor.

6.) Footer Navigation. If your primary navigation contains all the essential elements you need to highlight, you can either repeat the navigation below or put in additional information such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and etc.

7.) Sitemap. Sitemap benefits your website for two main reasons;

1) it helps visitors for an easier navigation, and;

2) it offers better online visibility to search engines. If you want to have these benefits, you should have a sitemap submitted to search engines.

8.) Good Coding. A good website always has a good coding. Good coding helps you gain a better search engine position. Search engine rely on text alone so make sure to have the codes right. Read about On Page Optimization and how you can use this to your website’s advantage.

9.) Search Bar, Subscribe and Social Buttons. A search field helps visitors find a specific content on your site. Some people may not even have the time to browse and will just search through. If your site contains hundreds of pages, it’s really worth having a search field on your website.  Subscribe button on the other hand will help keep your visitors sign up for your latest news, offers and products and service updates. Use of social media links also increases your website’s chances of being shared.  By engaging socially, you are expanding your methods of reaching out to your customers. Take advantage on the effectiveness of social media sharing. Include social media buttons on your site.

10.) Statistics/Analytics Tracking. There are several tracking solutions you can use for monitoring your traffic status such as Google Analytics. As a website owner, it is important that you know your website's performance to know if your efforts are paying off. It will also help you discover what you need to improve on your website through analytics.

For years, The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing Support has been creating, developing and managing effectively ranking websites of different companies across the globe and in the Philippines. TNO provides a complete range of website development services, SEO, inbound and outbound marketing, multimedia marketing service and sales support. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at (632) 499-1082 to avail our free consultation. 

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